Discovering your heart’s natural capacity to embrace all things


Relationships are the source of our greatest joys, and our deepest pains, our highest highs, and our lowest lows. Of course they are the theme of just about every movie ever made, every book ever written, and every song ever sung.

This course explores how relationships, both the easy and challenging ones, can become our greatest allies and a powerful impetus for evolution, peace, and healing. 

Using guided meditation, exercises, and reflections we will explore the following questions:

  • How did we get here?
  • How can I put an end to this struggle?
  • What is the relational space and who needs to take care of it?
  • How do I work with uncomfortable feelings and emotions?
  • How do I change the ways that I react?
  • What if the other person isn’t ready or willing to do their work?
  • How can I clear issues in past relationships that are affecting present ones?
  • How do I heal painful feelings from past relationships if the person is no longer in my life or has passed away?

Listen to a sample talk here:

You will receive six recordings (about an hour long) which include centering exercises, a talk, and guided meditations.

I want to learn how to love in this lifetime. I believe that every relationship, easy or challenging, is a gift that shows me where the natural capacity of my heart is being veiled by past conditioning stemming from my personal history as well as collective societal patterns. Each relationship has a shared relational energy field and when one person in the relationship chooses to keep the field as clear as possible through spiritual practice, it creates an environment for both people to thrive.”

Class topics

Class 1 – Energy, The Living Matrix of Life

  • Centering (body awareness, listening, breath); the way of relationship, exploring the energy body; emotional blocks and fluidity; conditioned patterns and how they become reflected in relationship; how to release blocked energy; it’s all about you; all challenges are gifts; the shared field and the dance of relationship; energy centre scan; transparent communication.
  • 43 minutes

Class 2  – Grounding in the body to expand emotional presence

  • Centering (landing in the midst of your life as it is, body, mind, emotions, energy); grounding in the body to expand emotional presence; guided meditation (filling the body with awareness); how blocked energy slows down the souls development; the body as a truthmeter; energy follows attention; shadow material is brought into awareness by grounding in the body; the soul communicates through the body (intuition); why we might avoid being present in the body.
  • 47 minutes

Class 3 – The path of the soul and the gift of relationship 

  • Emotions that have ‘no reason’; helping emotions to move with acceptance; centering; chakra scan (opening to images and insights); relaxation leads to excavation of old emotions; the third perspective; connecting to presence, the witness; a tool to help you work with a challenging relationship; the path of the soul and the gift of relationship; making a conscious decision to use our joys and challenges for our growth; applied transparent communication.
  • 54 minutes

Class 4 – Relationship as a mirror: shadow work 

  • Centering; including everything in your awareness; resistance; bringing awareness to strengths and shadows in groups; connecting to the presence beyond details; has peace and stillness disappeared?; a prayer -what do you truly want in relationship?; the importance of both light work and shadow work; how to increase the light in our systems; meditation, prayer and contemplation; nature, food and light; how shadow determines behavior; how shadows are created; circular (caught) energy patterns of shadows; awareness is light; the gifts that lie beneath shadows.
  • 48 minutes

Class 5 – Different relationships, different gifts 

  • ‘I’ve got it I lost it’; you’re not doing anything wrong; the middle path; the third perspective; centering and guided meditation; letting all of ourselves fill the relational space; the interplay of energies within a shared field; giving and receiving energy; exercise to explore an intimate relationship; a parent; a helper; energy dynamics in relationship; how to avoid becoming ‘habits’ of each other.
  • 47 minutes

Class 6 – Taking care of the relational space as an ongoing spiritual practice

  • What you don’t have I give to you , and what I don’t have I receive from you; how blocked energy frees itself; freeing a blocked energy allows us to feel the ‘opposite’ emotion; when new energies show up; everything that arises is sacred; I got it, I lost it (revisited); the third perspective (revisited); guided meditation to increasing our capacity to feel collective energies; giving back to life; stages of working with energy; including our loved ones in our spiritual practice; helping to clear world issues; future aspirations.
  • 53 minutes

Cost: $12
You will receive a link to a home page with the course material.