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Welcome to the Way of Relationship Self-Study Meditation Course.
I sincerely hope that these recordings enrich your life and and deepen your experience of your true nature.
They have been presented sequentially in the order that they were taught in a course offered in the winter of 2014. You may find it most helpful to listen to them in the order that they are presented here.

Blessings all-ways,

Session 1 – Energy, The Living Matrix of Life

  • Centering (body awareness, listening, breath); the way of relationship, exploring the energy body; emotional blocks and fluidity; conditioned patterns and how they become reflected in relationship; how to release blocked energy; it’s all about you; all challenges are gifts; the shared field and the dance of relationship; energy centre scan; transparent communication.
  • 43 minutes

Way of Relationship 1

Session 2  – Grounding in the body to expand emotional presence

  • Centering (landing in the midst of your life as it is, body, mind, emotions, energy); grounding in the body to expand emotional presence; guided meditation (filling the body with awareness); how blocked energy slows down the souls development; the body as a truthmeter; energy follows attention; shadow material is brought into awareness by grounding in the body; the soul communicates through the body (intuition); why we might avoid being present in the body.
  • 47 minutes

Way of Relationship 2

Session 3 – The path of the soul and the gift of relationship 

  • Emotions that have ‘no reason’; helping emotions to move with acceptance; centering; chakra scan (opening to images and insights); relaxation leads to excavation of old emotions; the third perspective; connecting to presence, the witness; a tool to help you work with a challenging relationship; the path of the soul and the gift of relationship; making a conscious decision to use our joys and challenges for our growth; applied transparent communication.
  • 54 minutes

Way of Relationship 3

Session 4 – Relationship as a mirror: shadow work 

  • Centering; including everything in your awareness; resistance; bringing awareness to strengths and shadows in groups; connecting to the presence beyond details; has peace and stillness disappeared?; a prayer -what do you truly want in relationship?; the importance of both light work and shadow work; how to increase the light in our systems; meditation, prayer and contemplation; nature, food and light; how shadow determines behavior; how shadows are created; circular (caught) energy patterns of shadows; awareness is light; the gifts that lie beneath shadows.
  • 48 minutes

Way of Relationship 4

Session 5 – Different relationships, different gifts 

  • ‘I’ve got it I lost it’; you’re not doing anything wrong; the middle path; the third perspective; centering and guided meditation; letting all of ourselves fill the relational space; the interplay of energies within a shared field; giving and receiving energy; exercise to explore an intimate relationship; a parent; a helper; energy dynamics in relationship; how to avoid becoming ‘habits’ of each other.
  • 47 minutes

Way of Relationship 5

Session 6 – Taking care of the relational space as an ongoing spiritual practice

  • What you don’t have I give to you , and what I don’t have I receive from you; how blocked energy frees itself; freeing a blocked energy allows us to feel the ‘opposite’ emotion; when new energies show up; everything that arises is sacred; I got it, I lost it (revisited); the third perspective (revisited); guided meditation to increasing our capacity to feel collective energies; giving back to life; stages of working with energy; including our loved ones in our spiritual practice; helping to clear world issues; future aspirations.
  • 53 minutes

Way of Relationship 6