The Soulful Practitioner

… develop and increase your business, and help others by being yourself …

  • Have you taken training in one or more holistic modalities but unsure as to how to proceed with your business?
  • Have you started a business but feel frustrated by a lack of clients? Or the type of clients you are attracting?
  • Do you experience self-doubt and fear around your abilities as a holistic practitioner?
  • Do you feel stuck in your role as a holistic practitioner and lack clarity as to how to bring life into your practice?
  • Are you wanting to work in the holistic health world but not sure of which modalities to specialize in?
  • Do you look at the world around you sensing that so many people could benefit from your services, but unsure how to reach them?
  • Do you long to ease the suffering that you see and feel, to bring joy and health to the world?

(Holistic practitioners: nutritionists, energy workers, yoga teachers, therapists, naturopaths, reflexologists, homeopaths, etc.)

Please join me for the Soulful Practitioner, at the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts. In this course we will:

  • use inquiry, meditation, energy work and group work to tap into the extraordinary potential of you inner career code;
  • reveal and explore ways to transform emotions and thoughts that may be veiling your connection to creativity, inspiration and clarity;
  • explore your unique gifts and abilities to create the foundation for authentic work in the world;
  • examine spiritually based marketing approaches.

When our soul’s purpose is to serve by helping others to heal, doing so in a way that is real and meaningful is one of our greatest joys.

While we are all surely unfolding as we should, I would like to help make your process quicker and happier.


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Cost: $199 + HST
Location: The Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts, 120 Newkirk Road, Unit 12, Richmond Hill

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi