The New Enlightened Eating Book

Simple Recipes for Extraordinary Living

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Connect to your authentic nature through holistic nutrition and healthful eating.

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Eating well can lead to physical, mental, and emotional changes that will help you develop a deeper sense of who you really are. The most successful journey is one that leaves you feeling vibrant and integrates wholeness, health, and peace, while also making the best use of your time and respecting the need to please and nourish family members and loved ones. It should be a friendly, fun, and elegant process.

Caroline Dupont provides inspirational and practical information that will guide you toward a greater understanding of your relationship with food, making it easier for you to select and prepare foods that are healthful and healing. She maximizes flavor and abundance in tempting recipes that are easy to prepare and universally appealing.

In this revised edition of the best-selling Enlightened Eating, there’s new information about the importance of making food choices for good digestion, balancing nourishment with cleansing (detoxification), and following universal guidelines that encourage conscious choices. The recipes and ingredients have been simplified so you can make delicious food as efficiently as possible, and there’s an increased commitment to using local foods, less salt, and more healthful ingredients overall.

Eat the optimal diet.

  • Enjoy a plant-based diet and a wide variety of whole foods.
  • Use organic and biodynamic foods and fresh, local foods in season.
  • Include more raw vegetables, fruits, and sprouts to maintain the body’s alkalinity.
  • Understand your food sensitivities to boost immunity and reduce inflammation.
  • Boost your diet with fresh juices, probiotics, and superfood powders, and avoid foods that rob nutrition.

Create a healthful environment.

  • Keep meals simple and avoid certain food combinations.
  • Eat mindfully, only when hungry, and in a calm, relaxed state.
  • Eat consciously and satisfy the subtle energetic needs of your body.
  • Avoid overeating and leave a significant amount of time between dinner and breakfast.
  • Maintain a beautiful, sacred space around mealtime.

Achieve balance in your life

  • Understand emotional eating‑discover yourself and make peace with your food choices
  • Get practical advice on transitioning to a healthier household.
  • Develop confidence and respect for your unique journey.

Develop a deeper understanding of how your food choices influence not only your personal health, but also the web of people, plants, creatures, and other elements of nature that come together to provide that food for us.

Listen to the wisdom of your body and let joy be your guide.

How does The New Enlightened Eating differ from Enligthened Eating?

The New Enlightened Eating is a different book. The front section is new and reflects knowledge and insights gained through the seven years since the Enlightened Eating was written. About 40% of the recipes are brand new, and all the recipes been tweeked or re-written to make them even more healthful, easier to follow, with an emphasis on simple and local ingredients. The raw/cooked proportions are 50/50 and the cooked foods use gentle and digestion enhancing methods.

More praise for The New Enlightened Eating (unsolicited reviews on Amazon)

  • “It has made transitioning to a plant based diet a much easier process.”
  • “Even if you aren’t a vegetarian this is a great book for any cook to have.”
  • “Caroline Dupont nails it in a beautifully simple, concise collection of delicious, creative recipes complete with meal suggestions.”
  • “Her understanding of nutrition is rivaled by her sense of balance and flavor, a rare gift among todays’ cookbook writers.”
  • “If you’re just starting out or you’ve been plant based for years, you’ll enjoy this book.”
  • “It has impacted my habits & taken my plant-based diet to the next level. I have never felt better in my life!”
  • “Well written, easy recipes that have accessible ingredients. No complicated procedures, just good wholesome healthy food.”
  • “This cookbook isn’t just a cookbook. It has so much information about transitioning to a plant based diet, healthy living, toxins, digestion and food storage.”
  • “Why don’t doctors tell you this stuff?”
  • “I have always trusted your guidance, and for that, I am so grateful. It can be so confusing to get bombarded with so many guidelines, advice, recommendations, diets popping out constantly. Thank you for taking the mystery our of it all for me again and again.”
  • “The recipes are my absolute favourites of any books I have!!  Delicious, hearty, healthful food with flavours abound. THANK YOU!”