ClearBeing Holistic Home Fitness DVD


“Brilliant! The ClearBeing program is the perfect combination of Yoga, free dance movement and strength training set to music … a great way to integrate holistic fitness into your life every day. “ L.G.

The ClearBeing Home Fitness Program is a fusion of various therapeutic movement forms in circuit training format with Yoga Sun Salutations, Tibetan Rites, strengthening exercises, intuitive dance and energy awareness. It requires no equipment (except a yoga mat) and can be done in less than 30 minutes.

“The ClearBeing Holistic Fitness Program is brilliant! It is just what I was looking for in a workout. It works every muscle in my body which invites me to listen by being present and mindful. The dance part is my favourite as it makes the whole routine more manageable as well as making me stronger and more willing to go into the next set of exercises. It adds a fun and liberating cardio component and is a great way to transition between and integrate the more strenuous aspects of the program. I love it!” G.V.

With this program you receive a well-rounded experience for your whole being:

    • Yoga Sun Salutations and Tibetan Rites – strength, flexibility, toning, awareness, energy flow
    • Intuitive Dance – cardiovascular endurance, body awareness, emotional release, fluidity
    • Strength Training Exercises – toning, strengthening, bone health
    • Circuit training format – cardiovascular training, variety, integration, individualization
    • Meditation (you are encouraged to do this after the 30 minute program) – physical rejuvenation, mental and emotional balance, spiritual connection
    • Other benefits of the program include – hormonal balance, detoxification, weight balancing, improved sleep, blood sugar regulation, and more.

“Caroline’s ClearBeing Holistic Home Fitness Program is fun and most enjoyable! I like that there is a combination of structure and free flowing intuitive dance movements. Moving to the elements is enlightening and allows me to connect with my spirituality. You can make the Program your own and literally dance like nobody’s watching!”  M.L.

I have offered this program in a workshop format here in Richmond Hill and have had requests for a DVD from people living far away, as well as from people who have taken the program and like to be guided.

“Awesome!!  An opportunity to get loose, be creative, go deep while getting a great workout in a short period of time.”V.C.

The DVD includes:

  • An introduction and demonstrations of the various components of the program;
  • one 30 minute light/moderate routine (with Tibetan Rites);
  • one 30 minute moderate/heavy routine (with Yoga Sun Salutations);
  • a guided seated meditation.

“I like the flexibility the program offers as you can easily substitute strengthening exercises, change the music, or change the program length.” E.R.

This DVD is for you if:

  • you want a convenient, fun way to exercise at home;
  • you want an alternative to going to the gym or yoga studio;
  • you want to add variety  to your current program;
  • you love the idea of your heart pumping, your muscles working, your joints opening and your spirit dancing;
  • you understand the benefits of regular exercise but haven’t managed to develop a consistent program;
  • you are looking to complement your current program;
  • you feel that your current fitness program is missing certain potential benefits;
  • you are interested in a program that includes the multiple need-to -be-experienced benefits of intuitive dance.

“Thank  you, Caroline, for your inspiration, for listening to what we need and continuing to bring us creative life solutions. Your ClearBeing Holistic Home Fitness Program is a unique combination of stretching, cardio and strengthening exercises in a lively 30 minute routine, that I can easily fit into my busy day. The music makes it fun and the dance helps me to integrate the other components. I can do the push-ups and other more strenuous activities with ease and without hurting myself, because I ‘dance out’ any stiffness right away. I look forward to doing the program when I wake up. Afterwards I feel renewed and bright for my day. I love it!” L.L.