Once you know the true causes of your issues,

the nutritional steps to healing are clear. 


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Holistic nutrition is a powerful modality that can transform lives, often drastically.

Any symptoms or disease can be greatly helped and often reversed with sound nutritional principles in addition to other modalities that awaken the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual contributors to health.

Specializing in:

  • disease prevention and reversal;
  • living food, plant-based and vegan diets;
  • cleansing & rebuilding through food;
  • emotional eating;
  • nutrition and spiritual unfolding.

I have been studying, living and teaching holistic nutrition for 30 years. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a senior instructor for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and the author of four books on nutrition and health. The information that I teach and share comes from my studies, intuition, personal experience and work with clients. In addition I have participated in the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service and continue to learn and apply the information that Anthony William shares.



We are dealing with more health challenges than ever
but we also have all the needed information and resources available to us.
Use them, get guidance and support, be steadfast and diligent,
and enjoy the glory of living in a body the way it was meant to be.

Prior to your first session

  • Fill out this FOOD JOURNAL for 3 to 5 days, and bring it with you.

All sessions can be done in person, via zoom or phone.

During your first session

  • 50 minutes
  • I will ask you a variety of health-related questions to help me to determine the best approach for your current concerns.
  • I will also look at your food intake record and give some initial comments and advice at that time.
  • All along I will ask for your input as to what changes you are willing to make at this time.
  • During this session you may also receive energy work, and soul coaching. This is a powerful way to directly access your body’s own healing energy. All symptoms and diseases have a strong energetic / emotional component.

After your first session

  • I will send you my recommendations via e-mail.

During the second session (one week or so later)

  • 50 minutes
  • We can address any questions you might have, and deepen your understanding of your body and nutrition.
  • This is often a good time to incorporate some soul coaching.
  • Any sessions could also include time spent in the kitchen, to give you some practical ideas on how to incorporate more healing foods into your life.

The last 50 minutes of this package 

  • to answer questions, give guidance, refine choices, possibly recommend supplements, do some soul coaching and continue to deepen your understanding of your body and nutrition.

Once we are working together, I am always available by e-mail, to answer any brief questions you might have as you progress. For more in-depth questions it’s best to arrange a private session.

Please visit //www.carolinedupont.com/about/ to learn about my other offerings.

Fees for Nutritional Consultation Package: $396 + HST

  • Please note that my services may be covered by your insurance coverage (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) & receipts are available.


  • initial session (50 minutes)
  • 2 follow-up sessions
  • recommendations sent via e-mail after the 1st session
  • e-mail correspondence to answer brief questions (for longer inquiries I will suggest scheduling a private session)

Follow up sessions after the initial 4 sessions: $120 (or 4 sessions for $400)

Cancellation policies

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