Give your Self fully to your spiritual growth.

Life will take care of everything else.

If attending a live retreat doesn’t fit in with your current circumstances, home study is a practical & effective way to deepen connection with our soul and evolve our spiritual practice.

When you purchase the following offerings you receive the recordings from online retreats including:

  • guided meditations,
  • teaching,
  • dialogues with participants,
  • suggested practices to integrate the teachings, and,
  • links to suggested practices to enhance your body & soul care like restorative yoga videos, additional meditation recordings, suggested retreat schedule, even menu ideas & recipes.

 When we’re deeply committed to our soul’s path, regular time dedicated to deep listening lights our way.

When life gets challenging, time spent in the quiet of the heart is more necessary than ever.

When our spiritual practice gets stale, an infusion of teachings that give us a fresh perspective can make all the difference in the world.

When we feel stuck or at an impasse, the encouragement & guidance to use where we are as a stepping off point can remind us of Life’s benevolence and bring us back to peace.

Whether you’re looking to start, refresh, or deepen your spiritual practice these recordings are offered in the spirit of embodying your true nature and expressing that in every area of your life.

Listen to them at your own pace, and go back to them as you desire. They are yours for life!


August 21 – 23, 2020 

Nurturing the Awakening Heart

Easing the fascination with the contents of the mind.
 Coming back to the preciousness of the breath.
 Gently taking up residence in the heart.
 Humbly allowing the heart to open itself to you.
 Delighting in the surface movement of the heart & sensing for the quiet beneath the waves.
 Opening to Presence, the never changing source of peace & well-being.

(6 hours, 42 minutes)

Session 1

  • Centering – Relating to the mind, detecting Presence.
  • Guided Meditation / teaching – Wanting to be ourselves; the burden of ego; everything that you are, everything you desire is already here; unhooking from mind through the body; awareness melts that which obscures the soul; the choice of engaging with mind or not; life is freeing us from energies, feelings, beliefs which aren’t in line with our evolution.
  • Dialogues – Being with a long-term contraction in the gut; negative self-talk to avoid feeling.
  • Practice – Coming back to the preciousness of the breath.

Session 2 

  • Centering – The familiarity of the breath, exhale settles us into the earth, inhale opens us up to the heavens; a place where struggle doesn’t exist.
  • Guided Meditation / teaching – Breath as a path to freedom; everything comes back to be liberated.
  • Dialogues – The subtle sneakiness of ego; trusting your own experience; an exploration of ‘disgust’; joy and sorrow simultaneously.
  • Practice – Inhabiting the territory of the heart.

Session 3 

  • Guided Meditation / teaching – Helping the heart come back to life through gentle awareness; deep holding of what’s here; expanding the heart’s capacity for Presence is extremely practical; bringing a current challenge into the territory of the heart.
  • Dialogues – It’s over, it’s empty and I feel awake, alive, willing and creative; anxiety lives beneath my resistance.
  • Practice – Humbly allowing the heart to open itself up to you.

Session 4

  • Centering – Resting into the earth, profound support, deep nourishment; relating to the two layers of the heart, human & spiritual.
  • Guided Meditation / teaching – Kabir’s Song, an exploration.
  • Dialogues – Feeling sorry for someone versus compassion.
  • Practice – Delighting in the surface movement of the heart & sensing for the quiet beneath the waves.

Session 5

  • Centering – Heart like the Sun
  • Guided Meditation / teaching – An exploration of love; availability to this moment as it is; the constant change of the details of our life; the never changing ‘noticer’, source of peace, Presence & well-being.
  • Dialogue – Letting go of finding reasons for our feelings.

Cost : $27 + HST