(This retreat was recorded from August 21 to 23, 2020)

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Session 1  (1 hour 49 minutes)

Session 2  (1 hour 28 minutes)

Session 3  (1 hour 21 minutes)

Session 4  (1 hour 15 minutes)

Session 5   (49 minutes)


If you decide to listen to these recordings as part of a home retreat, I recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • Listen to 1 or 2 recordings per day to give you time to integrate.
  • Spend as much time as possible in silence between listening to the recordings.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food (refrain from alcohol, smoking, junk food, drug use).
  • While not listening to recordings spend time in meditation or in nature. Journaling could also be helpful.
  • Refrain from watching TV, movies, socializing, surfing the internet and social media.
  • Set a focused intention for the weekend to deepen into presence and create a sacred space for your participation.

Suggested Additional Practices & links

Sample Schedule

Create a schedule from a place of nurturing that you look forward to. Below is an example of activities and practices from morning to evening…

  • Meditation on your own
  • Wim Hof breathing
  • Earthing walk
  • Breakfast
  • Watch a recorded session
  • Lunch
  • Nap
  • Watch a recorded session
  • Dinner
  • Restorative Yoga & Meditation
  • Early to bed
  • Add any practices you feel will support your retreat, for example:
    • Journaling
    • Chanting
    • Sauna
    • Water, juice or smoothie fast

Everyday Deep Healing Sample Menu

  • Upon rising; lemon water
  • celery juice
  • fruit, fruit bowl, smoothie or smoothie bowl
  • Lunch: salad meal
  • Dinner: wholesome plant-based fare made up primarily of vegetables, raw and steamed, potatoes, sweet potatoes, ‘bowls’, hearty soup or curry.
  • Snacks: fruit in combination with dates, figs, celery and/or cucumber

Draft of my book Everyday Deep Healing with over 150 recipes

Song Sheet

Music for Integration