“All the darkness in the world

cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”

St. Francis of Assisi


Regular meditation is a core practice in many, if not all, spiritual traditions. It may be the most powerful tool that we have to transform our lives:  to awaken to our true nature and set the foundation for the authentic, vibrant and peaceful existence that we so desire.

Yet few people manage to make meditation a regular part of their lives. This is largely because, although meditation is simple, the path is not always easy or clear. For most, meditation is both an art and a science that requires ongoing guidance in order to progress elegantly, avoid pitfalls, feel confident and remain inspired. Also, nowadays most of us who are deeply interested in truth-based living have chosen to do so in society rather than in seclusion, as we might have in the past. Meditation approaches need to be tailored to regular people living regular lives with regular challenges.

The Channel of Peace Self-Study Meditation Course was created for beginner and experienced practitioners to set the foundation for starting, developing, revisiting and expanding a meditation practice.

  • You will receive eight 90-minute recordings of a teleconference course taught in the fall of 2013.
  • Each class includes a centering meditation, a talk, a guided meditation and questions from participants.
  • They are yours to keep and can be listened to at your convenience.

Class topics

Each class highlights a different topic that will enable you to use your meditation practice to enrich your life in deeply practical ways.

Here are some that we’ll be exploring:

  • Class 1
    What is true meditation? Many people get caught at this very fundamental level. They believe that meditation is a state that is somehow in their control and that they’re failing at meditation when they can’t ‘create’ this state. We’ll discover that meditation can be accessed no matter what the circumstances are in our life at the moment.
  • Class 2
    Making peace with the mind. Rather than trying to stop the mind, we learn to allow the thoughts to be as they are, as we deepen our understanding of the conditioned world that thoughts arise from.
  • Class 3
    Listening to inner energy and freeing blocked energy. Over the course of our lifetime, we have all developed patterns of blocked or circular energy that can be freed with the light of consciousness. This brings greater vitality to the physical body and greater clarity to our relationship with our core intelligence or Self. We are able to tap into the richness of the natural flow of life with less and less forcing or holding back of our energy.
  • Class 4
    Culturing acceptance of challenging emotions. Emotions are simply energy that needs to be in motion. Through steady practice and energy awareness, we learn to give freedom to all emotional energies by presencing them with openness, curiosity and acceptance.
  • Class 5
    Healing the body. In body-centered meditation we begin to see the body for the ally that it is. Discomfort, symptoms and disease are simply ways in which the Self is communicating with us through the physicality of the body. We can learn to listen to and receive guidance from the body.
  • Class 6
    Using mindfulness to heal addictions. An addiction is anything that we do to avoid challenging energies and emotions. Once we develop acceptance, friendliness and even a welcoming of challenging energies, the addictive behaviors fall away on their own.
  • Class 7
    Manifestation: finding the balance between free energy and structure. Accessing free energy allows us to tap into ever expanding creative energy which we then manifest and bring into structure in the physical world. Too much free energy with not enough structure feels ungrounded and unproductive, and too much structure with not enough free energy feels dull and stuck.
  • Class 8
    Serving Life by releasing the unresolved energy of karma. As we incarnate into physical bodies we agree to take on collective energies of humanity’s scars from across time. Our inner work, including that done in the context of a meditation practice, allows us to live with more and more lightness and freedom, and benefits all of existence.

“Your first duty is to find the peace in you.”

 Swami Satchidananda