An exploration of peace and health through stillness …


The peace that we are seeking is already here 
and in allowing everything to be as it is, 
the natural all-pervasive state of meditation
emerges on its own.

A meditation practice is a simple and powerful tool for helping us to awaken to our true nature. Living our fullest expression, a soul shining through a vital body, extends beyond our own lives and benefits our families, communities, and all life on earth.

Meditation is both an art and a science that, for most, requires ongoing guidance in order to progress elegantly, avoid pitfalls, feel confident and remain inspired. The group dynamic creates a supportive and growthful container.

Are you wanting to start, deepen or refresh your meditation practice?

Join us for this upcoming 4-week series:

You are the love you’ve been looking for.

Learn to tap into the ever present and unending source of love, creativity and guidance within you by exploring:

  • The peace of right relationship with the mind.
  • The freedom of allowing your whole emotional experience.
  • The ‘coming home effect’ of living more deeply in the body.
  • The joy of experiencing your true nature.

Classes include guided meditations and teaching, and build on each other to allow time for integration from one week to the next.

“Meditation is the path back to yourself.
Sitting silently is just a gesture that you want peace,
that you want to come back home,
that you want to relax.”
Vasant Swaha

ClearBeing Meditation is an approach to meditation that I have developed drawing from my background in Buddhist, yogic and non-dual meditation, energy work, mystical principles, healing and soul-guided living. The main purpose of ClearBeing Meditation is to point you towards the peace, clarity and freedom of your true nature so that you can then bring that awareness into your physical existence and serve Life in your unique way.

Dates: TBA

Cost: $100 + HST ($80 for 2nd time participants)

Location: Indigo Yoga Studio, Richmond Hill

Registration: Indigo Yoga Studio