with Caroline Marie Dupont


From Physical Symptoms to Radiant Health


Wednesday November 3rd from 7 to 8 pm EST, via zoom

May we all experience the glory of living in a physical body the way it was meant to feel.


As inhabitants of physical bodies, the experience of uncomfortable symptoms is universal.

Perhaps you recognize some of these common ways of responding to physical symptoms

  • Not paying too much attention while hoping they will go away.
  • Taking natural remedies, supplements or medication to try to alleviate the symptoms.
  • Seeking out health practitioners to give us advice.
  • Changing our eating and lifestyle habits in the hopes that the body will heal itself.
  • Worrying, while feeling confused, upset or stuck.

While all of these responses are understandable and often helpful, we could also consider that from the soul’s perspective, everything is here to help us, even physical symptoms.

The soul is the Master alchemist that transforms worrisome & frustrating physical symptoms into radiant well-being.

Please join us for this FREE MasterClass where we will explore:

  • The surprising root cause of most diseases.
  • Making ourselves available to the teachings of our symptoms so that they can usher us into a clearer, healthier version of ourselves.
  • Accessing powerful but dormant healing resources within us through a guided meditation.
  • Taping into the energy source that fuels the motivation to upgrade our lifestyle choices so that we can give the body the best chance to heal, and soul the best chance to express.
  • An introduction to the upcoming 4-week online course: Healing the Body the Soul’s Way (Wednesdays from 7 to 8.30 pm EST, starting November 10th)

    A recording will be available to all who sign up in case you can’t attend in person.