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Recorded talks & meditations: 

Emotional Presence

Guided meditation; letting go of control; watching the breath dance it’s dance; consciousness brings higher resolution & details; opening to physical & emotional sensations; connecting to the gentle & kind presence that naturally makes space for all things; allowing submerged materials to rise to the surface; be still.

~ 20 minutes, Meditation from the FALL 2020 Nutritional Rebirth

Energy Clearing

Guided meditation; being received by the Earth; journey through the territory of each of the seven chakras; cooperating with the energy purging that is already happening; cultivating the natural humility & kindness of Presence.

~ 24 minutes, Meditation from the FALL 2020 Nutritional Rebirth

Healing the Body

~20 minutes, ClearBeing Meditation System

Journey through the Chakras

~18 minutes, ClearBeing Meditation System

A Broader Experience of Ourselves

Guided meditation; opening to the breath, body, feelings, energy; movement happens within awareness all on its own; sensing presence – not affected but profoundly involved; including those parts of our experience that are ‘standing outside the door’; intuiting moving closer or giving more space.

~15 minutes, guided meditation, recorded May 4th, 2019, ClearBeing Soul Coach Training

Healing is Relaxing into Yourself

A lying down guided meditation and talk. Lie comfortably on your back, possibly with a pillow under your head or knees and a blanket over you. Letting go into the ground; relaxing and physical healing; relaxing and subtle body flow; ever-present radiance revealed by softening; meeting tension with openness and curiosity; body and ground merging; the breath and body thrive on awareness; creating safety in the body; experiencing yourself as energy; tapping into inner guidance.

~ 55 minutes, guided meditation, recorded October 26th, Fall 2016 Nutritional Rebirth

Introduction to the Nutritional Rebirth

Why the format has the cleanse has been changed to include whole fruits and vegetables; why the our bodies have unique needs and challenges in this day and age; why people who eat clean still have health issues; why everyone can benefit from celery juice and how you can easily make it in a blender; the ingredients that go into the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie and why they work; why fresh juices, tea infusions and mineral broths (written about extensively in Deep Healing) continue to be a staple on this cleanse; why fruit is the most powerful food category, and outweighs every other food; how fruit has been wrongly implicated in candida, diabetes, cancer and other diseases; why you might want to eat both local and imported fruit; what fruit, vegetables, and wild foods do for us mentally, emotionally and spiritually; what vegetables do for us and the most important vegetables to include in our diets; what viruses and bacteria feed on and how to starve them through food choices; why low fat (of all kinds) is important for the health of all tissues including the brain and liver; how to easily make the water you drink more absorbable; how to pick avocados so that you’re never disappointed; what a typical day on the Nutritional Rebirth looks like; I answered a bunch of questions as well…

~ 1 hour 20 minutes, recorded October 16th, 2016.

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Getting to Know Fear and Healing

~ 28 minutes, talk and guided meditation, recorded October 29th, Spring 2016 Cleanse and Nourish

Chakra Nourish and Cleanse

This talk is valuable for those of us who are taking steps to improve our diet and lifestyle. It highlights the benefits of cleansing and nourishing for both the physical and energy bodies. It also helps us to access a grounded foundation for the physical and energetic detoxification that invariably and necessarily occurs. As we journey through the main energy processing centres (chakras) we are guided to find that place in us that is receptive to all that arises, as well intuitive insights that help to guide us along our ever evolving journey back to self.

~ 30 minutes, talk and guided meditation, recorded October 29th, Fall 2015 Cleanse and Nourish

Accessing Open-Hearted Presence for Life As It Is Right Now

– 16 minutes, guided meditation, recorded October 18th, 2015, Fall Cleanse and Nourish

Is It Possible That There is Nothing Wrong?

~ 30 minutes, guided meditation, recorded May 28th, 2015, Small Group Deep Healing Circles

Is It True That What You’re Seeking is Not Already Here?

13 minutes, recorded March 3rd, 2015, Small Group Deep Healing Circle

Chakra Meditation and Clearing Energetic Residues

Developing intimacy with the chakras; using awareness of the chakras to ‘unpack’ challenges and stressful situations; guided meditation and silence; bringing attention to all of the layers of experience (body, breath, stories, emotions, energy); trusting what’s moving through the energy system; clearing of energetic residues gives us clearer access to our true nature.

– 65 minutes, recorded February 23rd, 2015, ClearBeing Community Meditation

A 3-step approach to meditation

The need for meditation practice to be fluid; Be Still; Do Nothing; Notice What’s Noticing; silence.

– 41 minutes, recorded January 22nd, 2015, Small Group Deep Healing Circle

Content and Context: the cost of maintaining our identity.

– 18 minutes, guided meditation recorded February 6th, 2015, Small Group Deep Healing Circle

A Meditation on Resistance

The power of group meditation; centering; journey through the landscapes of the human experience – body, mind, emotions, subtle energy, awareness, group container; exploring and freeing resistance; silent period (12 minutes); further exploration of the root of resistance.

~ 63 minutes, recorded May 4, 2014, ClearBeing Community Meditation


All is well; lip service versus true understanding; “perfection is another name for reality” (Byron Katie); unsatisfactoriness and imperfection; clinging and aversion; catching ourselves wanting things to be different than they are; bringing awareness to the stories, beliefs, emotions, and energies; softening and spaciousness allows the light in to access love, compassion, creativity, insight, wisdom; recognizing imperfection as a doorway into evolution; is spirituality a happiness path; ‘falling into grace”(Adyashanti).

 ~ 32 minutes, recorded April 23rd, 2014, Small Group Deep Healing Circle


Allowing everything to be as it is; letting go of control; an ocean metaphor; unhooking from the details of life and effortlessly sinking into silence and stillness; how thought and emotion are allies on the path to silence; the silence/activity mixture; questions to contemplate.

~ 7 minutes, recorded April 9th, 2014, Small Group Deep Healing Circle

Intuitive Eating

What is intuition; how to connect to intuition; anchoring in the body; letting go of what you think you know; moving beyond reliance on external information; what it means to be still; how intuition speaks to you; intuitive eating; letting go of good and bad foods; asking your body what it wants; listening around meal time; refining choices; paying attention to inner guidance.

~ 24 minutes, recorded March 23rd, 2014, Community Juice Fast

Awareness as a Healer

Simple guidance for distributing your energy throughout your body; the importance of the feet to our energy, our health and our evolution; how to listen to guidance from your body; softening tension through awareness and breath; why softening is important to both taking in nutrition, and letting go of toxins; targeting a condition or symptom that you are wanting to heal; why emotions are activated during cleanses;the gifts of freeing emotions; using awareness of the body to become present; a simple meditation for bringing in spirit; using the light of spirit to heal the physical body; I guide a participant through a physical symptom that he is experiencing.

~ 68 minutes, recorded March 19th, 2014, Community Juice Fast

A Meditation on Love

Centering; a call to love; guided meditation on love; silence (25 minutes); working with the pebble practice in your daily life; how love appears in life; shadow and light; sleepiness in meditation practice; comfort in meditation practice.

~ 85 minutes, recorded January 15th, 2014, Community Meditation

Primary Components of Spiritual Practice

Centering (within oneself and in the community container); prayer; Lotus Heart Meditation;  silence; the role of the body and emotions in a meditation practice; the role of prayer in spiritual practice; emptiness meditation; “Return Again”; prayer versus chanting.

~ 79 minutes, recorded January 12th, 2014, Community Meditation

Open Heart Meditation

Introduction; Watching the breath; Filling the body with presence; Meditation on the flower of the heart; Using the heart for healing; Feeding the flame; Giving to receive; Transforming experience with an open heart.
45 minutes, recorded 2005, Open Heart Meditation CD