Using the Ego to Awaken to your True Self: 4 Keys

When we’re unconscious,
the ego runs our lives without us being aware of it.

When we begin to awaken,
the ego is often seen as an impediment to happiness.

What if the ego were a form of intelligence that,
when we are in right relationship with it,
can serve as a powerful and maybe essential ally
on the path of awakening to our authentic nature?

  • Join me onThursday, January 30th from 7 to 8 pm via zoom video conference.
  • Explore the 4 key principles for relating to the ego in the context of soul growth and …
    • Discover how to help the ego to naturally reverse engineer itself to reveal the radiance of your soul.
    • Consider the perspective that the ego is a form of intelligence.
    • Recognize how the ego lets you know that it wants you to pay attention.
    • Get to know the ego complex and how you can make it, well, less complex!
    • Appreciate the dance of ego and soul.
  • I’ll also be sharing about the upcoming ClearBeing Soul Coach Training and answering questions.
  • A recording will be available if you can’t attend in person.