How addictions, yours and others’, can lead to a more Soul-full life.

For most of us the word ‘addiction’ is charged with associations that prevent us from looking at our (and others’) behavior with fresh eyes, a clear mind & an open heart.

Essentially an addiction is anything we do to avoid feeling, albeit temporarily.

We are compelled beyond our conscious control to turn to food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, television, sex, our phones, work, etc. to distract or numb ourselves from challenging emotional states. Even behaviors that are deemed ‘healthy’ like exercise, food discipline, helping others and spirituality can be a way of bypassing emotions.

Addictions, ours and others’, are often seen as an impediment to happiness.

What if addictions were a form of intelligence that,
when we are in right relationship with them,
can serve as a powerful and maybe essential ally
on the path of awakening to our authentic nature?

Are you sometimes mystified as to why you make the choices you do,
even though, when you’re honest with yourself,

they don’t put you in touch with the sense of well-being you so deeply long for?

Join me on Thursday, January 14th from 7 to 8 pm via zoom video conference to explore how to take the mystery out of addictions:

  • Discover how our unconscious drives our choices and behaviors, and how to allow the unconscious to become conscious, and therefore subject to evolution.
  • Notice how Life in it’s great generosity & compassion is always bringing the unconscious forward as an answer to our original prayer for wholeness.
  • Learn about embodiment as a simple way to catch addictive behavior before it gains momentum.
  • Gain perspective on others’ addictions to set yourself free.

I’ll also be sharing about the upcoming ClearBeing Soul Coach Training and answering questions.

A recording will be available to all who sign up in case you can’t attend in person.