What seems to be in the way, is the way.


  • Do you feel emotions deeply, both yours and others, but not always able to let them move through?
  • Is there a particular emotion, like anger, self-doubt, anxiety, shame, or sadness that you feel you’ve been carrying for long enough?
  • Are you aware that stress is playing a part in your health challenges, and prevents you from consistently making nurturing lifestyle choices?
  • Do you wish that you could bring harmony to certain relationships but not sure how?

The journey to our authentic core has often been likened to making our way through the layers of an onion. Those layers are made up of energies that we commonly call ’emotions’. They can be very challenging to move through on our own which leaves us experiencing stagnancy, depression, fear, apathy, self-doubt, guilt, anxiety and other uncomfortable states longer than we have to, not to mention non- body and soul supportive choices.

Your emotions are a gift for yourself and others.

In this 4-hour workshop we will take a deep dive towards healing emotions and give you practical tools you can take home through:

  • teaching
  • guided meditation
  • restorative yoga
  • gentle movement
  • energy awareness
  • energy work
  • accessing Presence to set emotional energy free

My hope and intention is for you to leave lighter, clearer
and more connected to your natural radiance.

Upcoming date:


Cost: $60 + HST (register through Indigo Yoga)

By the way, this is an experience that you could participate in multiple times. Personally, there have been countless times on my journey when I’ve felt stuck or overwhelmed, and in need of guidance. The Emotional Healing Workshop is an invitation to show up with any and all emotions that you are struggling with at this time. There is no need to share any personal details and most of the workshop is held in silence. That said, I want to remind you that suffering on your own is unnecessary and there is no shame in needing support. We heal together.

Come as you are. Be as you are.

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