“Giving lets our hearts step out of the all too common profit and loss mentality of our culture. It creates empathy and builds connections based on the true value of shared experience. “
Michael Stone, Centre of Gravity


Most of my services are offered on a ‘donation’, sliding scale, and pay-what you can basis.

My intention and reasoning in structuring my offerings this way is the following:

  • To de-emphasize the monetary aspect of the exchange that happens between you and me.
  • To recognize through your generosity the relationship between my work and your support.
  • To make my services available to everyone. The amount you give depends on your circumstances.
  • Even though I offer a range of fees, no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. I’m also happy to work out payment plans and bartering arrangements.


Suggested amounts are:

  • $10 – $20 for Community Meditation
  • $75 to $120 per private session
  • other courses are generally offered on a sliding scale basis.

Your support is deeply appreciated.