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Cleansing and Nourishment for Health and Peace

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Deep Healing is a multi-dimensional program for healing all the way. Besides nutrition and other commonly explored lifestyle factors, I discuss how the mind and emotions affect our physical health, and how we can work with energy and connection to our spiritual nature to connect to intuition and heal deeply. The latter part of the book takes people through detailed instructions for a 7 day juice fast for physical and spiritual renewal, as well as providing recipes for juices, teas and more.

The key components of Deep Healing are:

  • The body as an ally:  essentially dis-ease simply indicates a gap between the body and the soul. Healing is natural when we make our spiritual evolution our first priority.
  • Energy awareness: understanding that human beings are primarily energy beings and that in order to be healthy and to heal, energy needs to flow freely. I talk about how energy gets blocked and how you can release these blocks through awareness, meditation and other practices.
  • Intuition: everybody’s healing path is unique. Through energy awareness we begin to connect to direct guidance from the body itself as to the steps that need to be taken on our unique healing path.
  • Meditation and spiritual healing: the true source of healing lies within the spiritual realm and that can be connected to through meditation.
  • Juice fasting: it’s one of the most powerful tools that we have for physical rejuvenation and spiritual connection. The latter part of the book takes us through a 7-day juice fast, with lots of recipes for fresh juices, tea infusions and vegetable broths, as well as various practices to help in the cleansing process.
  • A diet that is both nourishing and cleansing with an emphasis on whole, fresh, plant-based foods.

How I came to write Deep Healing.
I’ve been interested in health as long as I can remember. I was born with the conviction that the body is self-healing. In the past 30 years, I’ve studied and worked with exercise physiology, nutrition, holistic movement like yoga and dance, meditation and energy healing. Each time I explore a new piece of the health puzzle I discover its’ benefits, but also its’ limitations and this is what compels me to keep searching for the next piece.

What is energy awareness?
Spirituality and quantum physics both agree that we are primarily energy beings. Holistic health has been telling us for thousands of years that in order to be healthy our energy field needs to be flowing smoothly. All holistic therapies nowadays from acupuncture to Reiki to homeopathic remedies to yoga, have a primary intention of releasing blocked and stagnant energy. I’ve discovered that awareness of energy is one of the greatest solvents for blocked energy, and anyone can learn how to do it for themselves and others.

Why is meditation important in Deep Healing?
Meditation helps to bridge the gap between the physical body and spirit/energy/soul. In the stillness of meditation we can get beneath the conditioned beliefs, and stress patterns to touch into what is real, meaningful and truly helpful on our healing path. We can discover how our illness and symptoms are actually friendly and guiding us towards a more authentic life.

Why is emotional awareness important in Deep Healing?
As a health practitioner, I’ve noticed that there is no shortage of health advice out there! But most of us don’t do what we ‘know’ we should do to be healthy simply because we don’t make choices with our brains, we make them with our emotions. Until we begin to unravel emotional patterns we will lack the clarity and grounding necessary to make intuitive choices that are nurturing in all ways. Many of us are carrying residual emotions from our early life experiences, our upbringing, and our culture. We literally hold these in the body, which then creates areas of stagnant energy and over time impacts our body’s ability to function as it’s meant to.

What are the benefits of Juice Fasting?
Fasting has been used throughout the ages as a powerful tool for physical and spiritual renewal. Today most people do best with a juice fast and over the past 15 years or so, I’ve developed a seven day juice fast that is both cleansing and nourishing. I lead groups of people through these twice a year. Not only do people carry many toxins in their bodies but they are also nutrient depleted for many reasons including poor quality food, ongoing exposure to chemicals and stress. This is why fresh juices, tea infusions and mineral broths are used in the Deep Healing Juice Fast. I also give instructions on many additional cleansing practices that can be used to help the body release toxins, for example skin brushing, tongue scraping, and oil pulling.

A Deep Healing Remembrance

You are in the midst of an unfolding called Life.
It will look different from anyone else’s.

You have an inner teacher.
Often called a soul, it has always been with you
and will guide you through your deep healing journey.

You must get comfortable with living in the unknown.
Your soul will guide you to each step on your healing path.
However you cannot know that step without taking the previous one first.

You may be inspired by what you learn.
You will resonate with things that your soul already knows.
You will most likely be challenged by the process of deep healing.
Your most tightly held beliefs will be questioned.
Your most protected emotions will be brought to the surface.
If you want easy, this may not be the path for you.

That being said…
You will find deep healing increasingly easy
when your heart longs for it
more than anything else and you begin to sense
the unfathomable ocean of love that is supporting your journey.

You haven’t done anything wrong, nor has your body.
Everything that feels uncomfortable is an opportunity to learn
what makes you feel more alive, at peace, and connected.