“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

– Rumi

 A year-long exploration

The Deep Healing Course is an in-depth program that recognizes every person’s capacity evolve into who they truly are, to enjoy a healthy vital body, and to flourish in all ways.  You are warmly invited to join me in this year-long adventure where we will explore the wonders of that sacred place where the body and soul meet. Together we commit to your authentic health and happiness.


(NOTE: This course can be started at any time during the year … it is complete once you’ve taken all the individual components)


  • Are you ready to deeply explore your capacity for wholeness?
  • Are you aware of an inner calling to know your true nature?
  • Do you recognize that healing requires a holistic approach that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual contributors to human health and happiness?
  • Do you wish to put the various components of healthy living together in a way that feels balanced and ease-full?
  • Would you like sound, simple and experienced guidance, practical experience, and the support of a like-minded community?


This is the most in-depth program that I offer and it integrates essential components of spirituality, healing and harmony with Life. I will draw from 25 years as a holistic health practitioner, meditation and yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist, energy worker, soul coach and retreat leader.


World peace and planetary health
begins with each one of us creating peace in our own lives
and a healthy physical environment
in which our souls can flourish.


A spiritual journey …


Deep Healing is primarily a spiritual journey.


Through meditation, soul coaching, Deep Healing Circles and day-long retreats we will explore:


  • Navigating and embracing the unfolding of your unique life and healing journey.
  • Connecting to your fundamental nature so that it can inform a dynamic and peaceful balance.
  • Recognizing and letting go of conditioned beliefs that may be interfering with your health and happiness.
  • Releasing blocked life-force energy and emotions to unveil innate vitality, intuition, creativity and peace.
  • Easing into a spiritual practice that supports your evolution.
  • Tapping into intrinsic trust of the body’s healing potential.


Everyday deep healing …


We can tap into our capacity to live authentically and to heal when we recognize and put into practice our profound inter-dependence with each other, the animals and other beings, the plants and all living things.  Our healing increases dramatically when we live in harmony with our surroundings and we allow ourselves to be nourished by what the Earth provides for us.  In recognition of this The Deep Healing Course will include:


  • Sound nutritional principles that take you directly towards nourishing, satisfying, healthful and healing food choices.
  • Practical and simple ideas for implementing these principles.
  • Cleansing and nourishing practices to assist the body in accessing its’ natural healing ability.
  • Time spent in my kitchen and garden learning, growing, preparing and enjoying nature’s bounty.
  • A full year to experience seasonal foods, growing and harvesting cycles, food preservation, and beauty concoctions.
  • The information and experience to get you started growing some of your own food, and harvesting wild foods, using permaculture and biodynamic principles.
  • Steps towards creating a unique multi-dimensional approach to healing for yourself.


The Deep Healing Course components


This course includes:



We’ll dive deeply into the spiritual source of healing by exploring and experiencing:


  • practices to open to the soul and deep healing: silence, meditation, inquiry, contemplation.
  • transparent communication: relating from inner truth
  • energy and chakra awareness and clearing
  • developing intuition
  • exploring and uncovering the gifts of the shadow
  • understanding and transforming addictions
  • creating harmony, acceptance and peace in relationships
  • spiritual evolution: becoming a living update of yourself
  • group work and exercises to integrate the teachings
  • being of service and giving back to Life
  • holistic movement (yoga, qigong, intuitive movement and dance, etc.)
  • See Deep Healing Circles and ClearBeing Urban Retreats for details and dates


We’ll spend time in my kitchen and garden exploring and experiencing nutrition- and health-related topics:


  • making and enjoying meals together
  • balanced and healing plant-based nutrition
  • food and spirituality
  • making peace with food
  • principles of healing
  • cleansing and nourishing practices
  • juicing, fermenting and dehydrating
  • growing your own food
  • identifying and using wild plants
  • juice fasting and cleansing
  • environmental aspects of healing
  • See Enlightened Eating food preparation classes and ClearBeing Community Rebirth for more details and dates.


Whether you’re new to my work or have taken some of my offerings in the past, this course is for you. The year-long intensive format accelerates our progress, and honors the time and commitment that it takes to process the information, deepen, integrate, and shift in truly meaningful ways.


The design of the course, combining spiritual direction,
community support, meditation, energy awareness,
emotional work, nutrition, movement,
and connection with the natural world,
creates a powerful synergy
that is potent with healing, growth and possibilities.


Where will you be a year from now?


The Deep Healing Course intentions are to offer the following possibilities:

A deeper connection with your soul.
Fundamental tools for maintaining vital health for the rest of your life.
The ability to deal with life’s challenges with more confidence and integrity.
Discovery of talents, abilities and qualities that enrich your life.

Transformation of current conditioned patterns
and the release of emotional patterns.
Increased clarity to create an authentic life.

Living the fullest expression of our true nature, a soul shining through a vital body, extends beyond our own lives and benefits our families, communities, and all life on earth.


Are you a holistic health practitioner
wondering if the Deep Healing Course is for you?


The answer is simple…. by exploring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of Deep Healing and applying them to your life, you effortlessly tap into your capacity to inspire and guide others.
I sense that connection to our true nature is of primary importance on our paths as healers. When we are oriented towards discovering who and what we really are, our Deep Healing, as well as our vocation as a healer unfolds naturally. The laws of soul and body care are written in the very fabric of our being, as are our inherent gifts and qualities as healers.


We heal others by healing ourselves. 


Cost: $1998 + HST


  • Please note that my services may be covered by your insurance coverage (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) & receipts are available.


Confirm your registration with full payment or a $333 deposit (remaining payments can be discussed with me).






Cancellation Policies




My home in Richmond Hill


Dates at a glance:





NOTE: Start the Deep Healing Course anytime. It’s designed to take about one year to complete all of the individual components. Although I encourage to you be committed and focused, you may find that you have to miss certain dates because of other commitments. You may make those up the next year.

Optional additional year of the Deep Healing Course

A Deep Healing Remembrance

You are in the midst
of an unfolding called
It will look different
from anyone else’s.


You have an inner teacher.
Often called the Soul,
it has always been with you
and will guide you through
your deep healing journey.


You must get comfortable
with living in the unknown.
Your Soul will guide you
to each step
on your healing path.
However you cannot
know that step without taking
the previous one first.


You haven’t done
anything wrong,
nor has your body.
Everything that feels uncomfortable
is an opportunity to learn
what makes you feel
more alive, at peace, and connected.


You may be inspired
by what you learn.
You will resonate with things
that your Soul already knows.
You will also be challenged
by the process of deep healing.
Your most tightly held beliefs
will be questioned.
Your most protected emotions
will be brought to the surface.
If you want easy,
this may not be the path for you.


That being said…
You will find deep healing
increasingly effortless
when your heart longs for it
more than anything else
and you begin to sense
the unfathomable ocean of love
that is supporting your journey.


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