Who: Small groups gathering together regularly to meditate, focus on spiritual connection, authentic living, shadow work, energy clearing, evolution, personal and global healing.

When: as a group we commit to 8 weeks together. Each gathering will last 1 hour and 45 minutes. See below for specific dates.

What: the gatherings will be made up of any number of elements: guided and silent meditations, an invitation to explore topics related to healing, group exercises, gentle movement, song, breathwork, and more.

Where: My home studio in Richmond Hill. I can also come to your group’s location to lead Deep Healing Circles.

As the group facilitator I do my best to connect to the needs of the group intuitively. There is no preset plan or methodology. Once we feel called to join, we simply commit to the journey and trust the co-creative process. 

“…each member comes to know
they bring a piece of the truth to the Circle.”*

Here are some of the key ingredients of our Circles:

  • Community. While one-on-one sessions are effective in their own right, the effect of like-hearted people coming together with the intention to connect more deeply to their true nature is profound.
  • Exploration: I select themes from what I sense intuitively from the group and invite the group to explore it together.
  • Meditation: Each Circle includes a period of guided or silent meditation based on the aspect of healing that we are exploring. We integrate more fully, we touch into our own truth, we are nourished by silence.
  • Gentle movement: At times we will do some qigong, restorative yoga or intuitive movement to help us anchor in the body and relax.
  • Transparent communication: We practice becoming aware of all the dimensions of our experience and expressing ourselves and listening from that awareness.
  • Energy work: We will be encouraged to become aware of our inner energy field and the shared energy field, and experience energy releases that reveal greater clarity and freedom.
  • Soul Coaching: Participants will receive individualized spiritual guidance when appropriate.
  • A Deep Healing Circle homepage: You will have access to resources, weekly summaries, practices and homework.

Small groups are powerful containers for personal and collective evolution:

  • we share the priority of awakening to the fullness of Self;
  • we learn to communicate transparently, a skill that can be transferred to all our relationships;
  • we learn to care for the relational space;
  • we recognize and dissolve shadows and energy patterns through the mirroring effect;
  • we relax into increasing trust when we recognize our shared light and humanity.
  • the container that we create supports us between gatherings;
  • a momentum is created when there is a commitment to an extended mutual journey;
  • our growth path is more direct with the support of the group, shared insights, and spiritual direction;
  • when challenges come up the group container can help us to move through these quickly rather than floundering for long periods of time;
  • meditation is often more powerful in groups, and the group supports our spiritual practice between gatherings.

Listen to this 6 minute talk on why both personal and community practice is so important to our evolution in this day and age.

“Everything is an invitation to look deeper, sense more fully.”*

The following components are what I believe make up a synergistic formula for spiritual evolution:

  • a deep desire for uncovering your true nature and embodying that in your life;
  • a personal spiritual practice;
  • guidance and spiritual direction;
  • spiritual friends;
  • a spiritual community.

The Deep Healing Circles contribute to all of these, but particularly they add the powerful effect of a like-minded community and relational awareness in the growth process. My hope is that those of us who step onto this path will radiate what we uncover in ourselves into all of our relationships, our families, friends and greater community.

“There’s no right and wrong way to participate in a circle.
There are only honest efforts to hear, see and say
what is most real at any given moment.” *

Read this blog for an in depth exploration of the benefits of group work: 

FALL 2018
Topic: Awakened Relating
Tuesday evenings from 6.30 to 8 pm,
starting September 18 (distance participation via conference call)
Thursday evenings from 7.30 to 9.15 pm,
starting September 20
Friday mornings from 9.30 to 11.15 am
starting September 21


Awakened Relating

Relationships are the source of our greatest joys, and our deepest pains, our highest highs, and our lowest lows. Of course they are the theme of just about every movie ever made, every book ever written, and every song ever sung.

This 8-week series explores how relationships, both the easy and challenging ones, can become our greatest allies and a powerful impetus for evolution, peace, and healing. 

Using guided meditation, exercises, and reflections we will explore the world of relationship with depth and kindness and develop the following capacities:

  • Consistently accessing wisdom, love and peace in relationships. 
  • Seeing and bringing out the best in the other.
  • Working with uncomfortable feelings and emotions that arise in relationship.
  • Learning to take care of the relational space.
  • Shifting from reaction to response.
  • Clearing issues in past relationships that are affecting present ones.
  • Growing as a soul through the mirror of relationship.


  • If you miss one or more of your regular group sessions, you can make it up on the other day.
  • Dress comfortably as there may be some movement in these gatherings.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes.

Sliding Scale (pay at your comfort level): $171 – $225 / 8 sessions (plus HST)


Payment can also be made in person.

Richmond Hill address: 216 Rosemar Gardens (2nd house on left with blue doors)

Cancellation policy

* quotes from http://www.dancingtoeaglespiritsociety.org/circles.php