Come As You Are, Be As You Are


A yoga class is an opportunity to connect with a deeper and truer experience of ourselves and of Life.
This has always been the source of true healing and peace.
As we connect and move from that which is already whole, all that is false and limiting falls away naturally.
Then, our body, mind and spirit come into balance and thrive.

Restorative Yoga & Meditation Classes

  • Restorative Yoga is a yoga practice designed to restore the nervous system and help release deep held tensions. This class incorporates gentle yoga movements to facilitate in opening and relaxing the body and mind in a safe and assisted way. For any level student seeking to reduce the effects of stress.
  • The Embodied Soul: Through restorative movements & postures, as well as guidance around navigating the inner world of body, mind, emotions & energy we strengthen our connection to Soul, which informs our authentic unfolding as spiritual beings in physical form. The deliberate, quiet & mindful pace creates the possibility of greater awareness & intimacy with the whole self than is generally available in daily life and more active movement forms. Tending to ourselves in this way allows for the Soul to more consistently inform our human life, leading to our natural harmonious state of peace, health & joy.
  • For the online classes bring any props you have including classic yoga props like blocks and bolsters, or simply have various pillows, cushions and blankets available.
  • See below to experience some complimentary pre-recorded classes.

Video Recordings of Restorative & Meditation classes

  • May 15 –  Restoring and revitalizing the nervous system.
  • May 8 – Finding solutions by letting go of trying to find solutions.
  • May 1 – Chakra meditation and energy awareness.
  • April 26 – Awakening is relaxing into our true nature. We explored physical, emotional and mental tension through the postures. How to meet them and how to connect to the relaxation that’s already happening through the intelligence of our being.
  • April 24 – Dedicated to the care of our hearts through movement, awareness and my version of Metta (Loving Kindness Meditation), to ourselves and others. May you be happy; may you be healthy; may you experience loving kindness; may you enjoy the gifts of your talents and abilities; and may you accept what is.
  • April 17 – Anchoring in Presence within rapidly shifting emotional states
  • April 10 – Meeting our whole selves moment to moment to moment.
  • April 3 – Supporting your body so it can best support you.
  • March 29: Tending to the body, the mind, the emotions, the soul in any circumstance, and accessing peace.

ClearBeing Home Fitmess Programecordings of Restorative & Meditation classes

  • a 30-minute program that developed 13 or so years ago when I was wanting to bring joy back into my ‘exercise’ routine.
  • ClearBeing Home Fitness descriptor
  • Here is the recording that I did on April 8th:
  • The sound quality isn’t the best but hopefully you get the gist of it. My son and I plan on re-recording this soon with better sound quality.
  • Essentially you put on music you like to dance to… then alternate between dance, strengthening exercises, yoga flow, and maybe jumping on a rebounder!
  • Enjoy!