A direct path to peace and health.

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Clients come for ClearBeing Soul Coach sessions needing clarity and guidance for various life challenges in the areas of health, relationship, career, life purpose, difficult emotional states, and more.

From the soul coach perspective each session is essentially about empowering clients by teaching them to attune to the voice of the Soul, their innate guidance system, in the midst of life’s beauty and challenges. The foundational understanding is that each of us has the capacity to grow and thrive as our authentic self and give to the world in ways that are unique and deeply fulfilling.

The soul already exists in its full glory. We are simply helping it to reveal itself by allowing the parts of us that no longer serve us (beliefs, patterns and suppressed emotions & energies) to rise into our awareness within the context of a conscious meeting of 2 (or more) people.  That which will not be needed for our ongoing journey will free itself in this environment, revealing perspectives and guidance from a more evolved version of ourselves.


Any of the following tools are used:

  • sensing the shared field;
  • centering and grounding exercises;
  • dialogue;
  • energy work and chakra clearing;
  • emotional and energy awareness;
  • spiritual counselling;
  • guided meditation;
  • silent meditation;
  • interactive meditation;
  • intuitive guidance;
  • restorative yoga;
  • and more.

Living from soul means that we meet life with clarity & energy,
and a deep knowing that we hold a precious part
in the unfolding of a beautiful world.

Here are some possible formats:

  • 50 minute one-on-one (one time or ongoing)
  • 2 or more  people (for example couples, parent & child, and families)
  • 4-hour Body & Soul Spa days
  • ceremonies for special events

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Options for private sessions:

  • @ my home in Richmond Hill
  • by phone or Zoom video conference (link will be sent)

To book a session contact  cmdupont@sympatico.ca:

  • I am available for appointments at varying mutually convenient times. This includes daytime (preferred) and some weekends or evenings. Please e-mail for available appointment times.
  • Payment for private sessions
    • $120 + HST ($135.60) per single session
    • $400 + HST ($452)  for 4 sessions
    • e-mail me at cmdupont @sympatico.ca if you require a lower rate.
  • Please note that my services may be covered by your insurance coverage (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) & receipts are available.
  • For phone or zoom sessions please make your payment via bank transfer to cmdupont@sympatico.ca or via PayPal below at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Cancellation policies

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Just wanted to say thank you so much for the call yesterday. What you said about bringing my authentic self into my current life has brought me so much peace. It’s like a game changer!

During the last couple of years your guidance has not only helped me go through very significant, and what could have been perceived as negative, events in my life, but also helped me grow in ways I didn’t think possible.
It’s not really growing, it’s more like un-growing…, it’s like removing and removing layers, watching how the soul feels with less layers on, watching it experience and experiment with freedom, like a toddler learning to walk, falling at times and getting up again, watching it dance naked at times.

Caroline, I genuinely would like to thank you again for all of the attention and care you gave to all of us over the past week. Each time I experience one of these awakenings with you, I learn so much and am amazed at your depth of knowledge and compassion.

Thank you Caroline for being there. I feel relieved after today’s session, a relief I will carry with me my whole life – finding this inner part that cannot be intimidated by challenges around us like disease, pollution, war, poverty, distance, and everything else we fear. I always believed it existed but never tapped into it.