Experience your natural state

My hope is that each guest’s connection to soul is strengthened,

that their body is rejuvenated,

and that they leave with the clarity and capacity

to live from a place of truth, vitality and flow.


… healing deeply with each other …


The primary intention of the ClearBeing Retreat Center is to provide an environment in which to strengthen each guest’s connection to their natural state: vital, liberated and awake. The approach here is to take exquisite care of the body, to touch into spirit through meditation and other practices, and to create a safe space for conditioning to be seen and liberated.

Here are the primary tools that we use:

Transparent Communication

  • When people live and interact together with awareness there is a precious opportunity to provide a mirroring effect for each other. On the spiritual path, relationship is one of our most powerful fertilizers and we recognize that others show us both our light and our shadow-side. You will be encouraged to feel deeply, to take responsibility for your inner experience, and to communicate authentically.
  • As your host, I use my capacity to sense and read the shared energy field to guide our interactions and illuminate what is arising to be seen.

Meditation Practice

  • You will have the opportunity to participate in guided and silent meditation, in community and on your own.
  • There is a regular 45 minute morning sitting at 6.30 am.
  • You have the option of participating in meditation events that are happening here during your stay.
  • When appropriate we will engage in interactive meditation, to meet energies arising in the shared field.

Deep Healing Diet

  • The diet at the ClearBeing Retreat Center is a result of 30 years of study and exploration of the effects of diet on the body and soul.
  • A foundational conviction is that the body has the capacity to heal from any symptom given the right conditions, and that food is one of our most powerful allies.  
  • I have participated in the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service and apply the information that Anthony William shares.
  • In general the diet is plant-based (vegan so no meat, dairy or eggs), low-fat, grain-, soy-, and corn free.
  • Together we will determine whether the Nutritional Rebirth or Everyday Deep Healing is most appropriate for you.
  • You will be involved with meal preparation as the intention is to learn skills and habits that you will take with you.
  • For longer stays, you will be making or participating in the preparation of all your meals. Unless otherwise agreed, all foods will be provided by the Center and included in the cost of your stay.
  • Typical Menu at the Retreat Center 

Healing Intentions

  • You will be asked to reflect on your aspirations with respect to your physical healing and spiritual growth.
  • Guests come with intentions to increase energy and vitality, detoxify, heal symptoms, reduce or eliminate medication, improve sleep quality,  lose weight, alleviate depression and anxiety, connect to soul, and more.
  • You may book a Nutrition and Health Consultation during your stay. I will ask about your current symptoms and eating habits.

Soul Coaching

  • Soul Coaching is a combination of dialogue, emotional and energy awareness, navigating the shared energy field, guided meditation, spiritual counselling and intuitive guidance.
  • Soul coaching may spontaneously happen in our interactions, or you may choose to book private sessions with me during your stay.
  • At times I may recommend private Soul Coaching sessions for retreatants. 


  • The Center is close to the Mill Pond and other trails in historic Richmond Hill. The Oak Ridges Moraine trails and forests are a 10 minute drive, and the many York Region Forest Tracts are 20 to 40 minutes away. 
  • Yoga classes (any level, from dynamic to restorative) and intuitive movement, taught in the ClearBeing studio can be built into your retreat.
  • We are in partnership with Indigo Yoga Studio (6 minute drive or 15 minute bike ride) and memberships can be purchased for the duration of your stay.

Co-Create Your Retreat Experience

  • Stay for a few days, a week, a month.
  • For longer stays, there is the option of integrating work into your stay.
  • Use your free time to do self-study, read, deepen your meditation practice, help in the garden, etc.
  • Build-in Soul Coaching, Yoga and movement classes
  • Participate in any offerings that are happening while you are here at a reduced rate.

Please use the contact page to inquire about rates and dates.