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I suggest that you do these meditations in the order they’re given to start, and then revisit them as desired.

Also, it’s normal to want to sit longer once the recording is complete.



Listen by clicking on the media player, or click on the title to download the MP3.
1. Breath

2. Posture

3. Be Still

4. Allow Everything To Be As It Is

5. Notice What’s Noticing

6. What To Do With The Mind

7. Relax A Little Bit More

8. Meeting Emotions

9. Journey Through The Chakras

10. Clearing the Central Channel

11. Experiencing the Qualities of Presence

12. Resistance is Futile

13. Navigating Relationships

14. Healing The Body

15. Meeting Addictions

16. Freeing Stuckness

 19. Purpose

20. Hindrances To Meditation – irritation, agitation, slothfulness, sense desire, doubt

21. I Am