Retreats have always been a potent environment to let ourselves

fall into the grace & beauty of present moment awareness

to give our beings the opportunity to release physical, mental and emotional tensions

that are interfering with our capacity to experience

peace & well-being as a constant in our lives.


Although it’s always nice to get away from our regular environment to give ourselves to a retreat setting, given these times, a home online retreat has some distinct advantages.

  • With sincerity and a bit of reflection & intuitive planning anyone can do a home retreat.
  • We each have the freedom to structure our days according to our current circumstances.
  • Being on retreat in the midst of our regular life allows us to directly apply the more mature perspectives that are accessed on retreat to our day-to-day interactions.
  • We learn to find space in our days to add nourishing practices and create a foundation for continued soul & body care.
  • Our families are offered the opportunity to give us the gift of inner time.

 The highest form of love is moment to moment awareness.

This online day retreat is an opportunity to:

  • Slow down, be still, rest in Silence.
  • Integrate energies and emotions that are requiring deeper holding than we’re able to access in everyday life.
  • Strengthen access to our true Nature.
  • Open to guidance from our soul.
  • Cultivate soul qualities that will serve Life moving forward.
  • Bring forward intentions that are dear to our heart.
  • Feel the support of the ClearBeing Community.
  • Experience the power of our shared field in spite of physical distancing.
  • Contribute peace to our families and communities.
  • Create a retreat format and structure that feels right for us.
  • Participate from any location.


Sunday January 3rd from 10.30 to 5 pm EST

via Zoom


Session 1 – 10.30 am to noon EST

Session 2 – 1 to 2.30 pm EST

Session 3 – 3.30 to 5 pm EST

Sessions consist of guided and silent meditation, teaching, dialogues, gentle movement & song.

Cost: $45 + HST (or choose a reduced rate of $27 + HST)

Upon registration you will receive a link to the home page with details regarding the schedule,
how to prepare, suggested practices, session recordings and other resources.

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