Channel of Peace Self-Study Meditation Course Home Page

Welcome to the Channel of Peace Self-Study Meditation Course.
I sincerely hope that these recordings enrich your life and and deepen your experience of your true nature.
They have been presented sequentially in the order that they were taught in a course offered in the fall of 2013. You may find it most helpful to listen to them in the order that they are presented here.

1 – What is true meditation?

Many people get caught at this very fundamental level. They believe that meditation is a state that is somehow in their control and that they’re failing at meditation when they can’t ‘create’ this state. We’ll discover that meditation can be accessed no matter what the circumstances are in our life at the moment.

Channel of Peace Session 1

  • Introduction:  0 to 26.55.
  • Guided meditation: 26.55 to 52.
  • Talk: how is Presence helpful; feeling restless; how long, when to practice meditation – 52 to 72.

2 – Making peace with the mind

Rather than trying to stop the mind, we learn to allow the thoughts to be as they are, as we deepen our understanding of the conditioned world that thoughts arise from.

Channel of Peace Session 2

  • Centering: 0 to 11.
  • Talk: making peace with your thoughts; the conditioned self; the primary cause of suffering – 11 to 33.40.
  • Guided meditation: 33.40 to 53.
  • Q & A: Hormonal balance and meditation – 53 to 71.

3 – Listening to inner energy and freeing blocked energy

Over the course of our lifetime, we have all developed patterns of blocked or circular energy that can be freed with the light of consciousness. This brings greater vitality to the physical body and greater clarity to our relationship with our core intelligence or Self. We are able to tap into the richness of the natural flow of life with less and less forcing or holding back of our energy.

Channel of Peace Session 3

  • Centering: allowing things to be as they are (body, breath, mind, sounds, emotions, energy) – 0 to 7.35.
  • Talk: the mind is a story teller, the body is a truthmeter; gross and subtle body; learning to trust the body – 7.35 to 24.30.
  • Guided meditation: 24.30 to 62.40.
  • Q & A: depression; anxiety – 62.40 to 72.27.

4 – Culturing acceptance of challenging emotions

Emotions are simply energy that needs to be in motion. Through steady practice and energy awareness, we learn to give freedom to all emotional energies by presencing them with openness, curiosity and acceptance.

Channel of Peace Session 4

  • Centering: 0 to 10.50.
  • Talk: resting as aware Presence, how emotions are created, how they get blocked, meditation helps you to become conscious of blocked emotions – 10.50 to 28.50.
  • Guided meditation: 28.50 to 57.30.
  • Talk: letting go of expectations, how feeling emotions frees up the energy body, clears physical issues, gives clarity to relationships; meditation isn’t a discipline; developing a regular meditation practice – 57.30 to 81.

5 – Healing the body

In body-centered meditation we begin to see the body for the ally that it is. Discomfort, symptoms and disease are simply ways in which the Self is communicating with us through the physicality of the body. We can learn to listen to and receive guidance from the body.

Channel of Peace Session 5

  • Centering: 0 to 5.35.
  • Talk: healing the physical body through meditation; causes of disease; accessing intuition to gain insight into our unique healing path – 5.35 to 33.15.
  • Guided meditation: 33.15 to 45.45.
  • Q & A – working with a client with a physical issue – 45.45 to 74.33.

6 – Using mindfulness to heal addictions

An addiction is anything that we do to avoid challenging energies and emotions. Once we develop acceptance, friendliness and even a welcoming of challenging energies, the addictive behaviors fall away on their own.

Channel of Peace Session 6

  • Centering: 0 to 10.28.
  • Talk: how to use addictions to evolve and learn – 10.28 to 31.35.
  • Guided meditation: 31.35 to 44.
  • Q & A: working with a client on an addictive behavior 44 to 64.35.
  • Q & A: recap how to work with physical issues; grounding; willingness to allow emotions 64.35 to 74.17.

7 – Manifestation: intention setting and co-creating with life 

Meditation can help us to not only connect with the best that life has to offer us, but also to magnetize that to us. Within this we need to find the balance between creating structure/form, and allowing freedom/space. Too much structure and we stay in the same patterns never seeming to move forward; too much space and we have a hard time bringing ideas and inspiration to the physical plane.

Channel of Peace Session 7

  • Centering: 0 to 10.30.
  • Talk: focus on what you want; feel the feelings; let life take care of the details – 10.30 to 25.20.
  • Guided meditation: 25.20 to 42.05.
  • Talk: finding the balance between structure and freedom; what do I really want – 42.05 to 64.30.
  • Q & A: the timing of the manifestation of intentions – 64.30 to 74.53.

8 – Serving Life and enhancing Consciousness by releasing the unresolved energy of karma

As we incarnate into physical bodies we agree to take on collective energies of humanity’s scars from across time. Our inner work, including that done in the context of a meditation practice, allows us to live with more and more lightness and freedom, and benefits all of existence.

Channel of Peace Session 8

  • Centering: 0 to 13.37.
  • Talk: how to help the world; ‘be the change’; giving from a place of fullness; how what we do to shift our own patterns heals collective patterns; the work that we do benefits past and future generations – 13.37 to 40.20.
  • Guided meditation: 40.20 to 58.12.