No need for hope

No need for hope

Recently I’ve been helping a client transition to a healing diet to reverse diabetes. She embarked on the journey with courage and resolve. In the first week we communicated via e-mail every day …. I invited her to e-mail me as needed with updates or questions. She...

Spring Dandelion Salad

Spring Dandelion Salad

I spotted this glorious dandelion in my back yard as I was working in the garden yesterday. I like to leave part of my property wild because it attracts plants, birds and insects that wouldn't otherwise find their way to my little piece of land, and let's my garden...



Dear One, Have you woken up this morning unmotivated resistant bored Not wanting to get out of bed? So stay and be Who says you have to get up to meditate make breakfast exercise clean the house Is it? your mother your father your partner your teacher Are they here...

The importance of community in meditation

"Community is not a goal to be achieved but a gift to be received."* Yesterday in meditation class some of the participants were commenting on how meditation is deeper in the group gatherings than in their home practice. Have you had this experience too? There are...

Can Your Body Trust You?

The “80-20 rule” is often expounded by people, including health practitioners, encouraging us to eat clean 80 percent of the time and to eat whatever you feel like the rest of the time. This guideline is being offered to us from a good place… without a doubt human...

A Country Called Soul

  For years I read about a country called soul but no matter how many words I read it was not soul anymore than reading a book about apples is the taste of an apple or looking at a map is the place itself        ...

What it takes to heal

For her Ph.D. thesis, Dr. Kelly Turner studied over a thousand people who healed in spite of serious and even terminal cancer diagnosis without Western medicine or after Western medicine had failed. The study focused on seventy-five factors, and identified the nine...

Noodles and Garden Veggies 2 ways

I've been eating versions of this simple bowl all summer long. It's simple to whip up, and magically both light and satisfying. It makes use of the fresh garden vegetables that are plentiful at this time of the year. I've had a bumper crop of Swiss chard and I've...

Rebirth ‘Oatmeal’

In the Deep Healing 28-day Nutritional Rebirth you are encouraged to eat only fruit and vegetables for 28 days. I have found this to be a profound and deeply rejuvenating diet, all the while being gentle and simple to do while you continue your day to day life. The...


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On these pages I plan on sharing insights that arise regarding health and healing, balanced living, emotional freedom, authentic spirituality, plus lots of practical tips and recipes on how to live it.  May these writings help you to recognize what you already deeply sense, and continue to discover a life where joy flows and love abounds.

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