Recently, on retreat with one of my teachers, the word quietude arose from within the silence. It’s not a word I’ve used much in the past but somehow it came forth as the most precise description of what I was being encouraged to explore at this time. ‘A state of quiet repose’ my online searches revealed. In a later meditation I received an image of a pond with other-worldly crystal clear waters, and a single lotus flower. 

As I have lived my day to day life I am drawn back again and again to the question: Is quietude available here? In the midst of these chores, this conversation, this uncertainty, this joy, this headache, this beauty…

Looking back on my path, and in helping others on theirs, I’ve found that subtle but powerful guidance can come in the form of a feeling-tone that arises in meditation that corresponds with a specific soul quality (like peace, love, compassion, harmony, integrity or loving-kindness). Often it’s accompanied with a kind of radiance that galvanizes my attention. I’m not necessarily looking for it, rather the feeling-tone/word asserts itself in ways that I cannot ignore. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of looking at a map, or hearing about a place in the world and feeling undeniably drawn to visit it for reasons beyond your logical mind. It’s like that.

Those of us on a spiritual path often cognitively decide to nurture certain spiritual qualities, however receiving the assignment directly from our soul brings with it inspiration and commitment, as well as ongoing assistance from the spiritual planes I’ve found. We’re more likely to notice dreams, images, books, totems, people who exemplify this quality – to broaden and deepen our explorations.

As far as I can tell there are a few key ingredients to this particular way of aligning with soul.

  • First is to ask. It can take the form of a question such as: What qualities are wanting to grow in my life? What can I give to life to enrich it? What does my life most need at this time? Use any words that resonate for you. Ask and you shall receive always holds true!
  • Second, set aside quiet time when you can be receptive to inner guidance.
  • Third, orient towards the feeling body in your meditation and let the mind know that it can rest.
  • Be patient! The guidance can show up in your dreams, when you’re in nature, or cooking a meal!

Once you have a sense of the quality that you’re being guided to explore, be true to it. Incorporate it as often as you remember. Is peace here in the midst of this unpleasant situation? Is loving-kindness available in the midst of this health issue? Is connection accessible within this conflict?

This is the great way of the soul.

It doesn’t concern itself with circumstances.

And yet, it’s intimately engaged with life.

It speaks to us through the sensory body.

It’s accessed in the midst of any moment by an ever-so-slight relaxation into what is.

Blessings on your way,



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