Remember, remember, remember all-ways
that wherever you feel stuck & challenged
is where the soul’s gold is.
Let Life take you deeper!
PS. It’s also where you feel touched by beauty & goodness!

Greetings dear friends,

I hope this finds you happy & well!

I’ve been having chats this week with people considering the ClearBeing Soul Coach Training that starts this coming Thursday.

Certain questions seem to be quite common so I thought I would answer them here.

I’m not sure why I’m called to the training but I feel strongly drawn to it.

There need not be a concrete reason for joining us and the soul’s language is beyond the realm of the logical mind. It often registers in the sensory body as an internal yes which feels like an opening and sense of inner aliveness & brightness. 

How much time will the course take each week?

We gather for 90 minutes on Thursday evening. You are encouraged to re-listen to the guided meditations to help you to embody the material that was covered. The primary homework each week is to apply the perspectives that you’re learning to your everyday life. The 5 course textbooks can be read at your leisure over the the 10 month period. I encourage the optional study groups, so that you can practice leading meditations, communicating transparently, and enjoy sharing & being supported by each other. 

I’m a private person and I’m concerned about sharing with others.
This is a normal feeling that most if not all people experience. Once you have connected to a strong desire to immerse yourself in the journey, you will find that comfort levels with myself and the other participants increases. Although there is an open invitation to share your awakenings and questions so that we can learn from each other, you are encouraged to let yourself open up in your own time, gently & naturally.

I’m afraid that I might not be as advanced as others, that I might not belong.
This is another common (maybe universal!) human belief that is part of the programming that began the day the conditioned beings raising us told us (subtly & not so subtly) that we needed to be better or different in some way. My sense is that if you’re called, then you belong, and are welcome! Everyone is invited to come exactly as they and each person contributes their unique gifts to the group.

Is Soul Coaching natural? Is it teachable?
The fundamentals of a soul-guided life are innate, so the intention of the teachings is to question the premises of a conditioned life in order to let the soul’s intelligence shine through. Once you have plugged into the soul’s voice more consistently and experience the impact on your own life, you will find it quite natural to guide others both in subtle and formal ways.

I want to join but money is an issue.

No one is turned away for lack of funds. There are scholarships and payments plans available if necessary.

Disclosing his wound to this listener
was the same as bathing it in the river,
until it became cool and one with the river.

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

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