In my last blog I wrote about how everything and everyone reflects information back to us in what I call the shared field of relationship. Let’s continue that exploration…

Most of us have probably heard of the spiritual Law of Attraction. Whether or not we’re aware of it, it’s operating on every level of our lives as the ultimate gift and aid to our evolution. We attract challenges not because of ‘bad karma’ but because our soul wants nothing more than to have the opportunity to hit the mark where we may have missed it in the past.

Essentially, unconsciousness of our true fullness and radiance magnetizes people and experiences to our lives that force us to look at that which was previously hidden and that we are now ready to acknowledge and integrate.

So we attract what we need to make the unconscious conscious. If we look closely we see that we often attract people who have similar emotional and vibrational patterns. Essentially people reflect our fears and weaknesses as well as our strengths and potential back to us. With this perspective, every experience is here to help us to grow.  If we are open to it, even physical challenges, including symptoms and diseases, can teach us about ourselves and encourage us to let go of energy, beliefs and emotional patterns that result in inauthentic ways of being.

In addition, and we must remember this: we draw to us all of the resources (both physical and spiritual) that we need to learn about our true nature and heal in the process.

One of the greatest causes of human suffering and slowed spiritual growth is the habit of creating idealized versions of the people in our lives. We tell a lot of stories, but essentially the gist is (although it’s mostly unconscious) that if people were a certain way, then we wouldn’t have to face the painful parts of our inner experience.

However, when we sincerely consider the law of attraction…

The hurt that we feel in response to our critical father
becomes our soul’s encouragement to heal a lack of self-worth
and to feel the freedom and sovereignty of our true nature.

The sadness that we feel around a partner who doesn’t understand us
becomes our soul’s nudge to more deeply understand ourselves
and feel the peace and power of our unique expression.

The pain that we feel around the friend who is in destructive patterns
gives us the opportunity to gently meditate on our own addictions
and experience the joy of profound self-care and self-trust.

The fear that we feel around losing someone that makes us feel so alive and loved
allows us to recognize areas of our light that we have not yet owned
and experience the boundless love that we are with or without that person in our lives.

Considering the Law of Attraction can give us a fresh perspective on Life. It leads us to stepping into our human experience with our whole being and allows us to free up the energy tied up in stories, unexpressed emotions and the futility of changing or controlling others.

For a guided meditation to experience the law of attraction in your relationships visit:

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