Your liver is working extremely hard to nourish your entire body while protecting it from the many internal and external toxic assaults that are part of our modern day challenges.

Two of the key things you can do to love your liver back are, one, decrease your overall fats and, two, stay hydrated. I have two recipes that I’ve been appreciating recently that make decreasing fat and taking in healing fluids simple and delicious. I’ve added a third one that makes eating at least a couple of apples a day a delight. Apples happen to be one of the best liver foods. They support the liver’s hydration capabilities which directly helps to combat what Anthony William calls dirty blood. They also cleanse the film that builds up in the liver’s storage banks, dissolve gallstones, and starve out the bacteria, yeasts, molds and other funguses, and viruses from the intestinal tract and liver.

Avocado Dressing Cubes

I generally enjoy a salad everyday and I rarely use oils to dress them. My go-to dressing has often been simply cutting up 1/2 an avocado into the salad bowl and then tossing with lemon, lime or orange juice, plus salt and herbs. Recently, I came up with a way of making a whack of avocado based salad dressing and freezing it into ice-cube trays. I find that 2 cubes is enough to dress a meal sized salad for me and they’re so easy to use. It makes preparing a salad so simple and also avoids avocados going bad on the counter or in the fridge. When your avocados are ripe you can whip up this dressing while dreaming of many future salad meals.

Here is the basic recipe:

2 cups ripe avocado flesh (from 3 to 4 avocados)
3 Tbs lemon or lime juice
2 garlic cloves
1 tsp honey
1/4 cup water
1/2 tsp salt

  • Blend until smooth.
  • Taste and adjust seasonings.
  • Spoon dressing into ice cube trays and freeze for 12 hours.
  • Pop cubes into a sealed container.
  • Take cubes out about an hour before eating. When you forget, breaking the cubes into pieces with a knife will speed up the thawing time.

My favorite salad recently: 2 avocado dressing cubes, 1 sliced pear, mandarin orange pieces (or cara cara orange), sliced red onion, sliced celery stalks, lettuce, lots of sprouts, pumpkin seeds.

Hibiscus-Lemon Balm Tea

The second recipe that I’m sharing was inspired by Anthony William’s 3;6;9 Liver Rescue cleanse. Every evening of this 9 day cleanse you are encouraged to drink either lemon balm or hibiscus tea. Both of these teas help to flush out and heal the liver. In my version, I make a big batch of the 2 teas combined with a few other ingredients and find that while I can’t always get excited about lemon water, drinking this brew is super appealing. I drink it warm when it’s just made, I put the rest in the fridge and drink it straight from the fridge when looking for something cool, or I pour it in a glass and let it come to room temperature.

I use an 8 cup jar for this recipe. The amounts and proportions aren’t super fussy so if your jar is smaller then use a little less, or use the same amount and have a stronger tea. You can’t go wrong!

3 hibiscus tea bags (I use Traditional Medicinals)
2 lemon balm tea bags (or 2 Tbs loose lemon balm leaves)
6 to 8 cups boiling water
optional: 2 inches sliced ginger OR 1 peppermint tea bag
1  – 2 Tbs raw honey
juice of 1 lemon or lime



  • Put the tea bags and optional ginger in a 6 to 8 cup jar and add boiling water.
  • Let sit for at least an hour but up to 8 hours.
  • After about an hour add honey and stir to dissolve.
  • Strain, add lemon juice and return to your container.
  • Enjoy right away, warmed up, or cooled in the fridge.
  • Drink it all day long!

Warm Apple-Cinnamon Smoothie

This one has been a staple this winter.

2 chopped apples
4 prunes
2 dried figs
1 banana
1 – 2 celery stalks
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Hot water

  • Put all the ingredients in the blender, pour in about 1 cup of hot water and blend until smooth adding more water if needed to achieve desired consistency. Enjoy!

This spring’s ClearBeing Community Nutritional Rebirth will be based on Anthony’s 3:6:9 cleanse from his book Liver Rescue. For those who have done the Rebirth in the past, it’s a little bit of a new formula (and it lasts 9 days instead of the usual 7). You can check it out here:

I can’t wait to experience it with you!



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