The soul is the spiritual impulse behind our physical existence. It’s on a mission and its fulfillment is the only reason we’re here. The body and mind are meant to be servants of the soul. During pre-birth planning it chooses many of the details and lessons to learn in this lifetime prior to merging with the infant body that we all start off as. It is endowed with abilities and capacities, as well as plans to meet other specific souls, that will serve the purpose of fulfilling the contract. Regardless of the details, all souls are here to grow and to activate the evolution of others.

Although we are shiny new souls in our infant bodies, it doesn’t take long for the ego and personality to form as a result of being raised in a world where most people (including our parents, teachers, media, etc.) are operating primarily from ego. Just as we can cover a lamp with layers of scarves to dim the light, the soul’s radiance gets covered with energetic layers made up of adaptive but inauthentic patterns, stagnant emotions and fixed beliefs.

The spiritual journey begins in earnest when we somehow hear the soul’s call, often in the midst of great challenge, but also sometimes something just wakes up in us and the pull to discover our divine source is undeniable.

It should be clear that there is nothing wrong with ego and it’s not something that we need to get rid of. The ego gets formed by an innate intelligence that was simply helping us to survive in challenging circumstances, in a culture that rewards and even idolizes ego. And for many of us, ego simply runs its course. It becomes clear that the benefits of a strong ego are being outweighed by its drawbacks.

We find ourselves dissatisfied with lack of connection in relationships.

Our work life feels tedious and uninspiring.

We are overwhelmed by challenging emotions or health issues.

We feel a lack of alignment between our inner and outer life.

We have a hard time manifesting good self-care even though we know better.

Life lacks juiciness regardless of outward appearances,

These are some of the classic symptoms that signal that our soul is calling for a deeper connection. It’s important to know that we haven’t done anything wrong; we’re simply being called to live from a deeper place. More of the light of our soul is needed on the planet.

Even when we have consciously embarked on a soulful path, the symptoms that I mentioned above are often reminding us that we have become complacent, or have strayed from our commitment to soul. It’s human nature to put a lot into relationships at the beginning and then to either begin to take the other person for granted, or challenges that arise cause a rift. In a similar fashion, we will often do spiritual practice when things are challenging and then let it fall by the wayside when the difficulties ease up. Sometimes the practices that we were doing to connect to soul need to be updated, and we need new tools and/or teachers for the next part of our journey from ego to soul.

One thing is for sure, the soul speaks through silence. Take time to sit quietly to listen for the voice of your soul and remember that short regular periods of meditation are more effective than sporadic longer meditations.

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