Clarity and tenderness are two qualities that are crucial for those of us who are drawn to connecting to and living from soul.

Soul has been with you from the beginning of your time here, fully formed and ready to guide you to a life that is aligned with purpose and meaning, and to help you to develop your gifts and attributes. As the soul gets buried in conditioning we have less and less access to its guidance and inspiration.

The work of uncovering the soul requires clarity to distinguish our true impulses from those that come from conditioning. The problem is that we’ve all also been conditioned to be highly analytical and critical of ourselves and others so that judgement, blame and guilt almost always follow on the heels of clarity. Of course when this happens over and over again, we un-train our natural capacity for clarity. We become afraid of the harshness of our own inner critic, and understandably so.

When we practice marrying tenderness with clarity we slowly but surely culture kindness and compassion back into our inner explorations.

In this 30 minute talk and guided meditation you will explore your capacity for clarity and tenderness through a short talk and guided meditation.

There is still time to join us for the 8-week Deep Healing Circles. I have space in both the Tuesday evening conference call and Friday morning gathering at my home: // 


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