As a soul coach I have the unique opportunity to regularly converse with my clients about their inner life, their struggles and hopes. Lately, many have told me that they feel like they didn’t really have a summer. Even people who have taken time off work and gotten away from their regular routines report a sense of not having had the break they needed. While part of the reason may have been the colder weather or other circumstances, I feel that there is something else going on.

Have you noticed that you’re back in your regular routine and already looking forward to the next time you can take a break from the pace and demands of life?

Look no further than this moment.

Often when we want a break more than anything we need a respite from the constant barrage of thoughts and interpretations from our mind about our current circumstances. We go through our days wishing we were doing something different, wanting this or that situation to be more comfortable, for the people we relate with to change, or wanting to get this next task over with. It’s very draining to be in battle with the reality of life on an ongoing basis. And it’s ineffective too. It doesn’t change anything and it makes even the simplest things a chore. Of course we want a break from this!

Perhaps the break we need is not so much from our current life but from our thoughts about it.

With commitment, this is a break we can take every moment. When we live in the Now without believing the mind’s tendency to add its’ conditioned interpretations, we’re simply responding in the best way we know. So much energy is freed up because we’re not resisting what is, or projecting imagined past or future scenarios onto it. We find that in the midst of even the toughest challenges there is a sense of peace and openness.

(Tip: Drop your attention into your breath and body sensations – without interpretation – as often as you remember… the felt sense in the body is the doorway into Now.)

In meditation practice we train ourselves to drop beneath our current circumstances along with the accompanying thoughts and emotions, and immerse ourselves in an extended break, a vacation of sorts. The root of the word vacation means to ‘be unoccupied’. Meditation practice is in fact an opportunity to rest into the unoccupied natural state where we let go of attending to the details of our environment, body, mind and feelings for a while. In addition to being deeply nourishing it often give us fresh perspectives on our perceived problems.

A meditation practice helps us to notice when we get caught up in in our daily lives. Each time we come back to Presence is a break. Slowly but surely more and more of these moments get strung together and life becomes more fluid, joyful and relaxed.


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