I appreciated your comments on my last blog Assignments from Your Soul  and wanted to make a clarification.

Briefly, I spoke about a challenging emotional energy that was moving through me, to illustrate and illuminate what I call soul assignments: we all go through cycles where specific conditioned tendencies are highlighted through challenging circumstances and feelings. I wrote about the purpose of these soul assignments: when met with courage and a fierce dedication to our soul’s blossoming they reveal an ever more authentic version of ourselves.

One friend said that I was very brave and accessible to be so honest about where I was at, and that she wished me peace and radical joy.

I wrote her back saying:

“That’s the thing,
peace and radical joy co-exist
with the stuff that’s moving through.”

Radical joy to me is the type of joy that can be felt in the midst of the messiness of our human lives. When I sink into my meditation practice I realize that all emotions, even the tough ones, are arising within a field of joy. There’s deep peace in that.

We would do well to remember that the spiritual journey covers every possible emotional terrain. As one of my teachers Adya says: awareness comes back for everything. At some point along our spiritual path every human emotion that we’ve contracted around (that we haven’t completely felt) will rise to the surface of our awareness to be integrated.

I love this poem by Jeff Foster:

True spirituality
doesn’t necessarily make you feel better.

It doesn’t turn you
into an enlightened ‘self’.

It destroys your brainwashing.
Your entire concept of ‘me’.

It burns up shame.
And leaves you naked:
Empty, but full.
Amazed to be alive.
Grateful for each breath.
Able to hold the most intense joy and sorrow.

Awake at last
to this extraordinary life.

Although it’s true that ultimately the spiritual journey does bring us greater ease, part of what Jeff is saying is that if we step onto the spiritual path with our main objective being to feel better we will likely get discouraged and derailed. As we come to life through greater awareness, old frozen emotions melt and the ride can be rough when we resist.

In fact we see that resisting emotions is more painful than letting them move through.

We think that we resist certain states because
they are there, but actually
they are there because we resist them.

Unrestrained feeling allows us to feel alive, and yes, joyful, in the midst of our human lives exactly as they are in this moment.

Here is the initial blog, Assignments from Your Soul.





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