Any challenge met with openness, kindness and curiosity
puts wind in the sails of your soul.

I notice that my soul regularly gives me assignments. It’s as though it says to me: “Okay Caroline it’s time to look at this particular pattern. It’s important for the next part of your journey.” The soul highlights an unhelpful tendency so that it can be met, seen, understood and let go … all to reveal a purer version of ourselves.

In the past month or so for example, something tight, resentful and bitter that I can’t quite put my finger on is surfacing in my awareness. Physically, it feels like my body wants to curl up into a ball. When I connect to it in quiet times I feel a layer of loneliness just beneath the tightness. As uncomfortable as it is, I have no choice but to be with it because it’s always with me. When I’m going about my regular life, teaching and seeing clients for example, I can dial it down temporarily on purpose, which is helpful, or I avoid it by distracting myself with television, surfing the internet, eating, etc., which is not helpful!

Through my observations of the human journey it’s clear to me that life wants us to become ourselves so that we can contribute to our world in meaningful and joyful ways. We are constantly being asked by life to shed layers that aren’t authentic in order to reveal the radiant core that is simply who and what we really are. It’s always been there, but has been covered up by beliefs, patterns and emotions and their accompanying contractions in the body. We’ve been accumulating these since the beginning of our life, being influenced of course by people and a culture that is less than awakened.

The soul is that aspect of our spiritual nature that is individuated
with gifts, talents and abilities that are specific to our unique purpose.
Just as all pots are made of clay (spirit),
each one has a different shape, function and characteristics (soul).
God / Great Mystery / Brahman / Ultimate Reality is the potter.

I believe that all souls are given assignments although many are unaware and avoid them at great costs to themselves and others. The assignments challenge us and we usually aren’t open to them unless we recognize a deep longing to live from the clarity of our truest self, or, the suffering is more painful than undertaking some inner work, or both!

Here are some of the things I’ve noticed in my experience and through my work with clients as a soul coach:

  • The assignments often show up as a feeling first thing in the morning. When you wake up there is a predominant feeling in the body that may show up every morning for days or weeks. You won’t always be able to relate it directly to something happening in your life, which can be frustrating for the mind.
  • That said, the feeling can easily be triggered by circumstances in your current life, and because it really wants to be seen, can be set off by the smallest things.
  • Things that weren’t an issue in the past become “an issue” when the soul wants us to see it. Just because something didn’t seem to be a problem in the past doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. It just wasn’t a priority for the soul so it stayed under our radar. It’s important not to rationalize or talk ourselves out of our experience.
  • We will tend to refer to our mind-made identity to avoid looking at parts of ourselves that we’re ashamed of. We say to ourselves “I’m not an angry / negative / resentful / petty / fill in the blank person. The truth is, we all have every possible shadow in us and it’s only when we bring them into the light that they lose their grip on us and more importantly can be transformed into something positive.
  • When an unhelpful pattern is being highlighted it’s because there’s a piece of our soul that has been tied up in it that wants to come on-line. For example when anger is coming up and we’re present to it, we often uncover gentleness and understanding. When self-doubt shows up we can uncover our natural capacity for the quiet confidence of an empowered soul. When judgement and comparison show up we might uncover connection and understanding.
  • As our soul evolves it will need certain capacities to manifest and bring forth its greatest expression in the next leg of our journey. Because these capacities are already part of who we are, all that’s needed is to identify what conditioned patterns are obscuring these more awakened capacities. Hence the assignments.
  • How do you know what your current assignment is? It’s pretty simple. It’s within the emotion you’re dealing with right now. The one that doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you do or where you turn. The feeling that shows up first thing in the morning as you open your eyes. The one that gets set off by the littlest things. The one that you find yourself distracting yourself from with any number of addictive behaviors. Even though you stop spending time with people or in situations that you believe cause the uncomfortable feeling, the feeling is still front and centre on your radar.
  • When we ignore our assignments, life often serves us more and more intense challenges (health, financial, relational, career, etc,) to get our attention and to align us with our soul’s path.
  • A meditation practice gives you the space to bring presence to what wants to be seen and uncovered. As you sink below the mind and its tendency to avoid, justify and analyze, the meditative space is the perfect environment for seeing what’s actually going on, and to touch into the strengths of the soul. It transforms challenging feelings into empowered natural capacities.
  • Sometimes I reach out to a spiritual guide (in human form!) for help if intuition leads me to. It’s often challenging to meet our shadow on our own. There are so many ingrained ways of avoiding! Sharing our assignment with someone who can witness us with grounded kind presence and help us to navigate our inner territory can save days, and maybe years of struggle. Healing often happens two by two.
  • Retreats and courses tend to both highlight and help to fulfill soul assignments. When I sign up for retreats and courses it usually happens as a result of a nudge from my soul. As the event approaches whatever wants to be seen gets brought to the surface of awareness. Any event that helps us to become more present with ourselves will help to unwind patterns that no longer serve us.
  • What next? When you’re done with a soul assignment, well, you get another one! Sometimes they even overlap. When this happens life can seem particularly challenging. Practices and habits that help you stay connected to your spiritual core are of utmost important.

Dear reader, I hope this blog brings clarity and understanding to your life and current challenges. Any challenge met with openness, kindness and curiosity puts wind in the sails of your soul.

In my soul coaching practice I help you to navigate your current assignment, and tap into your soul’s natural capacities and gifts. The Deep Healing Course is for those who are called to journey with me intensively for a year.

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