Dear One,

Have you woken up this morning




Not wanting to get out of bed?

So stay and be

Who says you have to get up to


make breakfast


clean the house

Is it?

your mother

your father

your partner

your teacher

Are they here now?

Or is it just some remnant of the past…. the “shoulds”…. or else….

Or else what?

What would happen if you just laid here in bed?



not feeling

letting the mind do what the mind does

Taking in the entire moment

How good it feels to lie here warm and protected

How uncomfortable the inner division is

(I should but I don’t want to)

And in the midst of it all something moves through and you find yourself

Sitting on the edge of the bed

Starting your day


The birds are singing, the wind is breezing, the sun is rising, the grass is growing


We think we’re making decisions

But Life is simply moving through us


Relax, be and trust

All is well.


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