A great theme in my life has been to solve the mystery of disease and suffering.

My path has taken me to the study of psychology, exercise physiology, nutrition, stress management, intuitive movement, energy work, meditation, shamanism and spirituality. I have a heightened sensitivity to the suffering caused by physical disease and this has kept me searching, studying, experimenting, reflecting and praying.

After spending years teaching exercise and nutrition, and seeing people (myself included) struggle with consistent self-care, I realized that the only permanent solution is to awaken to that place (it’s not really a place but this word will do for now) in each one of us that naturally makes health-supportive decisions.

This place can be called soul, inner teacher, inner guide, inner light, inner divine, inner spirit… it is a place of well-being that exists beyond our human circumstances and, when connected to, leads us to choices and a way of life that is supportive in every way of our true nature and our purpose here.

Your soul wants you to be happy and well and given a chance, will lead you there.

  • Do you find that your lifestyle choices wax and wane?
  • Do you feel confused by all of the “experts” and wish you could find one simple and authentic voice to listen to?
  • Do you find yourself being unmotivated and maybe even cynical about the health journey?
  • Have you had times in your life where you were totally committed to your health and well-being, only to lose the enthusiasm and not know how to get it back?
  • Through it all, do you still sense an inner voice calling you home to vibrant and full-hearted wholeness?

Here are some simple things that you can do to connect to your soul:

  1. Commit to your soul. In order to have a relationship with your soul, recognizing the commitment that you have to it is essential. As you go through your day be aware that it is always with you, wanting to be appreciated and heard. The soul wants to fulfill its role which is to guide you towards an authentic life.
  2. Take time for solitude. When you disconnect from external information you are more open to receiving intuitive guidance from your soul. Intuition tends to be quieter than the noises of everyday life and we need to create the right environment for it to be heard.
  3. Listen to your body. When you consciously move attention into the world of physical sensation rather than the thought world you have access to the many ways the soul communicates with you through your body.
  4. Enjoy plenty of down time. If we are always busy and multi-tasking we don’t notice intuitive insights from our soul. Ironically taking down-time makes us more productive in the long run because intuitive insights give us the most authentic guidance which straightens out our path and helps us to avoid long and convoluted journeys, not to mention painful ones.
  5. Work through challenging emotions. When we allow emotions to pass through, our inner screen becomes cleaner and clearer, thus enabling us to be receptive to the soul’s messages.

We all come with a map to our soul but we aren’t taught how to read it.

My private sessions, Urban Retreats, Deep Healing Circles, year-long Deep Healing Course, and even the Nutritional Rebirth and Enlightened Eating classes are all fundamentally teaching you how to read the map back home to your soul, how to navigate around life challenges, and how this journey is ultimately the only permanent and satisfying solution to our quest for health, peace and happiness.

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