Today’s blog is a great question about healing from a client with my response. Names have been changed.
Hi Caroline,
I was wondering what your thoughts are on this…There is an epidemic of “new” diseases these days, that seems to clearly stem from environmental factors like heavy metals, pesticides, pollution, depleted soil, depleted food, etc.
Autism, chemical sensitivities, candida, M.S., chronic fatigue, weird structural issues (dentists say it stems from epigenetics, poor nutrition), genetics mutating from the bad stuff in our un-natural unGodly lives…
And people who effectively detox, get better. I know some of these people. One person is John, a vendor, at the market, who always seemed extremely ill (Parkinson’s) is a completely different person as of recently….like shockingly different. He said finally found the other pieces to why his body was stuck… He said he proved his disease is environmental, toxicity, etc,  and that I can pray all I want…..if I don’t get the liver working, the heavy metals and junk out, etc…my body will not function properly. He’s probably right……Yet I’ve been “doing this” for years, I just don’t get the results on that deep physical level where the physical terrain shifts, and the flora becomes normal, and my body functions normally without be having to babysit it every second… Wth the types of structural issues I’ve had….some talented bodyworkers stated that it’s obvious why I cannot detoxify, I don’t get the proper nerve and blood flow…which is how it feels taking supplements, etc, doesn’t accomplish much.
Can we really say that disease and everything stems from mind/emotions? Like the stuff you were told in those channelings years ago?   I agree that mind/emotions can help things feel or appear better or worse…but CAUSE? What do you think?
Thank you,
Dear Mary,
These are important questions.
I feel that you can’t separate any of the ’causes’ of disease. At the same time, yes I do feel that the root cause is the mind and the ultimate ‘solution’, if you can call it that, is spiritual.
I’m happy to hear that John has put it together. At the same time, he may not realize all of the emotional shifts that have occurred as a result of being so physically debilitated, and of his deeper connection to his true being as a result of his suffering. I know him and he has been extremely focused and steadfast, an attitude which is a pillar of deep healing.
It’s interesting that you mention that his focus has been the liver. When I realized that my issue was toxicity in the liver, despite doing ‘all the right things’ it became clear that a liver that was full of repressed emotions was so tight that it could not let in nutrients or let go of toxins. It was only when I started focusing less on the body and more on my emotional freedom and spiritual connection that I got some deep results. At the same time I found that when I did the emotional and spiritual work I was able to access the intuition that led me to the truly meaningful lifestyle changes. Also, when people don’t take care of the emotions and aren’t rooted in the ground of their being it’s very hard to ‘stick’ to lifestyle changes, as you know. We are always at the whim of our emotions.
I do know that most humans will avoid the work with the mind and emotions at all costs because of the dark territory it leads to, and I see so many people continue to struggle tremendously to find the solution in the physical realm with no real permanent shift. It’s opening to our true nature through spiritual awareness that provides the anchor for navigating this dark territory. The gifts of this work go so far beyond physical healing.
In the end it doesn’t matter where you start when dealing with disease: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental. Your Self will lead you if you have the ears to listen and truly desire to heal at all costs. Each one of us has a unique path.  I’ve focused on all of them at some point in my journey… it just became clear at times that I was at the limit of what one or another could offer me.
There are as many ways to heal a particular disease as there are people. Of course there are some basic healing principles that apply to just about everyone which I’m sure you know. However, there are some people who make no changes whatsoever yet have a profound spiritual awakening and heal. These are what we call ‘miracles’. A spiritual awakening most deeply affects body, mind and emotions.
So the question is not what worked for John or me or anyone else but where are you being led to look at at this time in your life.
Be still and trust your Self.
I’ll leave you with a favorite quote from Sri Maharaj Nisargadatta:

“Take cognizance of the whole of it, not only of the outer symptoms. All illness begins in the mind. Take care of the mind first, by tracing and eliminating all wrong ideas and emotions. Then live and work disregarding illness and think no more of it. With the removal of causes the effect is bound to depart. Man becomes what he believes himself to be. Abandon all ideas about yourself and you will find yourself to be the pure witness, beyond all that can happen to the body or the mind.”


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