(updated October 2016)

I was speaking to a friend on the phone this morning and she said that she was interested in joining the Community Cleanse but that her homeopath advised that it may not be the best thing for her right now. She wasn’t quite sure of the reason but we figured that it was something around her body not being strong enough.  I was grateful for her bringing this concern to me because I realized that many people have misconceptions about the cleansing process. We have all heard about various cleanses, or had personal experiences with them, but not all of these programs are created alike! I thought I would take the opportunity to shed some light on the experience that I’m offering so that you can access clear guidance as to whether it’s for you.

The nutritional cause of disease is primarily two-fold: not enough nutrients to support proper cell function, and an excess of toxins (most coming from the by-products of viruses and bacteria, as well as heavy metals, pesticides and radiation) which interfere with proper cell function. Add to this a weakened digestive system as well as profound fatigue of the organs due to over-work and stress and we have a body that is functioning at a fraction of its capacity.

If we feel that we are here to shine our light into the life we’ve been blessed with then it resonates to do our best to care for our physical vessel.

The Community Nutritional Rebirth, which continues to improve over the years as I learn from participant’s experiences, provides the following benefits:

  • For thousands of years, countless health and spiritual seekers have used fasting and cleansing as a foundational tool on their journey;
  • In addition to fresh pressed juices, the Nutritional Rebirth incorporates Nourishing Tea Infusions and Mineral Broths for warmth, grounding and full-spectrum nutrition;
  • It allows you to add smoothies, fruit, vegetables, salads, and soups to create a cleanse that is comfortable for you;
  • It gives you a guided experience so that any questions or concerns can be addressed for confidence and success;
  • It gives you the ongoing support of a group, whether in person, on the phone conference calls, or via e-mail;
  • It gives the body a large quantity of nutrients, arguably more that we usually get over the course of any given day;
  • It gives the digestive system a tremendous rest as these nutrients are being taken in a form that requires very little digestive energy;
  • It frees up the organs and channels of elimination and decreases the toxic load that the body is carrying;
  • It teaches you how to use tried and true practices to enhance the cleansing process, which can continue to be included in your daily life.
  • No matter what your physical issue is, the majority of symptoms respond favorably to better nutrition, digestive rest, and enhanced elimination;
  • It encourages  bringing the whole self (mind, body, spirit) into the experience;
  • It provides energetic support as the group container enhances the clearing of personal and collective energy fields in unseen but powerful ways;
  • Daily meditation transmissions deepen the group experience and clear stagnant energies that may be interfering with our health and happiness;
  • How many of us have started a program on our own only to give up early in the process? In community we feel dedicated and committed;
  • A spiritual practice is incorporated to invite light into the body, and to facilitate the removal of emotional energies that are ready to be released;
  • It develops the body-mind connection, as well as intuition in the deep healing process;
  • We learn to trust the mystery of each body’s healing path;
  • We give the body what it needs and then stand back and allow it to heal in its own time, in its own way;
  • Each experience is unique and we learn to feel, listen, see and understand;
  • We increase the channels of communication with our body, and learn to appreciate and honor it;
  • We have clearer access to inner guidance and insights;
  • We naturally and effortlessly begin to take better care of the body and soul between cleanses;
  • More experienced participants support ‘first-timers’ and anchor the field;
  • Twice yearly cleanses allow you to reconnect with the community spirit and continue our ever deepening journey together.

To learn more about the ClearBeing Community Nutritional Rebirth , upcoming dates and to register, visit this page: http://www.carolinedupont.com/clearbeing-community-nutritional-rebirth/


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