Dear One,

How are you feeling this morning?

Did you wake to a challenging emotion today?

Did you go to bed hoping ‘it’ would be gone in the morning?

What if what you’re feeling wasn’t a problem at all?

What if the energies that we humans have come to label as fear, anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, guilt, and more, are all absolutely okay?

Is it possible that there is a collective thawing of the human race right now? Not only that, but that there NEEDS to be a collective thawing of the human race right now. That it’s what we’ve been asking for.

And that your soul, being part of the soul of the world is feeling emotions more and more intensely. Not just emotions related to your life but all of the collective emotions that have been suppressed throughout the ages by generations upon generations.

In fact, maybe what you’re feeling isn’t personal at all, although the mind likes to do that doesn’t it? It likes to have a reason for everything.

Maybe your antenna is just tuned to the energy that we call sadness right now, or maybe your being was tuned to the energy called anxiety from the moment you were born.

Yes, what if what is actually happening at this time is that we are gradually thawing out as a people. All of the energies that we have denied, pushed down, been ashamed of, and been conditioned to make wrong. And as we thaw out, each of our unique energy bodies is more attuned to some energies than others. And that we offered ourselves up for the mission to use our bodies and our capacity to feel to detect and move the frequencies of various emotions in the collective consciousness. We may even discover that we draw to us soul families and cultures that are also attuned to the same patterns.

And yet we do like to make it personal. So if we feel lonely this morning we give it a reason: someone hasn’t called us, someone that we live with is in his own world, we wish we had a ‘soulmate’ to make our life happier….

What would happen if we just felt what we were feeling and let go of the need to give it an explanation. If emotions could simply be storms passing through like any other weather? Maybe we could even begin to see the beauty and necessity of all weather and emotional patterns.

What if emotions were a gift? To be received, softened to, expressed through our creativity?

What if emotions were actually a doorway into the life that we’ve been longing for and the life that God wants us to have? An answer to our prayers.

So today, try feeling what you’re feeling but let go of assigning a meaning to it.

If you’re feeling it, it stands to reason that your system has the capacity to watch it dance its way through you.

Sit back, relax and let the unfathomable intelligence of emotional energy find its way through you.

You may be delighted by what you discover just behind this particular layer of energy.

When did we decide to categorize some emotions as good and desirable and others as wrong? Not only wrong but to be avoided at all costs?

Can we not see that avoidance of emotion is the cause of so much suffering? It is the root of all addictive behavior, the hidden breeding ground for disease, the reason why we feel separate from others.

What if every emotion was a friend and ally on your way back to the innocence of pure being? That they ARE the answer to your longing for sanity, goodness and beauty in your life? These energies are arising as part of the unveiling in order for you to see who and what you’ve always been

By all means, find ways to make yourself comfortable while the ‘emotional storm’ passes through. These nurturing tools and more have been given to us: nature’s simplicity and being-ness, good honest food, sleep time, people who love you, pleasurable movement, expression of the gifts you’ve been given, inspired sharings from people who have uncovered wise and loving insights …

Just for today, try feeling what you’re feeling without attaching any meaning. Keep your belly soft, your shoulders relaxed and your heart open.

Enjoy your unfolding.

Heart to heart,






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