As we apply more and more of the principles of Deep Healing, take in nourishing foods, undertake regular Deep Healing Juice Fasts and help the organs of elimination, the body has all that it needs to heal.

            You will find the process most enjoyable if you surrender to the wisdom of your body, while paying attention to its needs. In general people find that when they make positive changes, initially there is an increased feeling of well-being. This is always followed (days, weeks, or months later) by a healing crisis. A healing crisis, which differs from a disease crisis (when the body is actually in crisis), is when the body goes out of balance temporarily in order to find deeper balance and better health. There are symptoms, which on the surface are similar to a disease crisis, but these symptoms are actually the body’s way of excreting old toxins, both physical and emotional. In other words, as the body rests, rebuilds, and strengthens, it has the energy to do the work of digging to heal more and more deeply. You can recognize a healing crisis by the following criteria:

• it follows a time of improved food choices

• it follows a time of increased self-care, and/or the beginning a new holistic therapy

• it follows a time of feeling better than ever

• you are aware of an emotional component, which comes to the surface simultaneously with the physical symptoms

• there could skin eruptions, headaches, fever, discharge, diarrhea, coated tongue, body aches, etc.

• you might experience temporary deep fatigue

• conversely, you might experience symptoms but without feeling ‘sick’ or tired

• the symptoms may mimic issues that you had in the past, or there may be a brief intense flare-up

• even though you feel unwell physically and challenged emotionally, there is a deep sense of ‘okay-ness’ with the process

• it generally lasts from a few hours to a week

            Many astute health practitioners have noticed that in general, the body heals from the inside out. That means that it will heal the gall bladder, for example, before it will heal a skin condition. It also tends to heal from the top down, for example clearing sinus issues before it deals with fungus on the foot. Finally the body tends to heal recent symptoms first, working its way back to long-standing issues. If you developed arthritis recently, the body will heal that before it gets around to the asthma that you’ve had since childhood.

            All that being said, the body is ever-so-wise and each body operates within a mystery that cannot be defined or predicted. In the end, it heals in its own time and its own way. Rather than controlling the process, your energy is best spent on giving your body simple and utmost care, and surrendering to the mystery of its healing.

            Learning to trust is the greatest challenge we face, as many of us have been taught that the body is unreliable from the very beginning of our time here in a physical body. On the whole, most developed societies create people who have forgotten what it is to be a good steward of a physical body. Before we start school, most of us have been given multiple vaccinations, drugs and antibiotics. Our fevers have been suppressed with aspirin, and our runny noses and coughs have been dried up with chemicals.  We are encouraged to put ‘non-food’ into our bodies on a daily basis. Parts of us have been cut out, and many young people are already on medication for depression, asthma, diabetes, or attention deficit before they reach their teens. The body is clearly seen as something that is out of control and un-intelligent.

            In the end, trust in the body’s ability to heal is innate and will be uncovered at some point during our deprogramming. In truth, physical and spiritual wholeness is the natural course of things when you give the body and soul what they need to thrive.

If you’re trying to heal a symptoms or disease
If you’ve been diagnosed with a disease do your best to remember that any disease is simply a label that we’ve given to a set of symptoms that the body manifests when it’s out of balance. It has taken many years for this disease to manifests, and it will be a process to heal. When you adopt the Deep Healing principles some positive changes will be felt almost instantly whereas others may take months or even years.

            I feel that the greatest obstacle to overcome is the collective fear that surrounds physical disease in general. Collective fear is an energy that we hold as a culture around death primarily, which then manifests when we are ‘diagnosed’ with a label that confirms that our body is seemingly failing us. But of course that belief is all wrong… if anything we’ve failed the body by disregarding it’s sacred role in the marriage of soul and flesh.

            Along with the fear that we feel, we are angry with it because it won’t do what we want it to. I can’t encourage you enough to allow yourself to feel the emotions that come up around your symptoms or dis-ease because they are part of the energetic complex that have led to the symptoms. As the emotions are released, all of the energy that we’ve been using to suppress them can be freed up to help us to access our intuition and heal deeply.

          Isn’t that beautiful?



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