“Nothing has to change for everything to instantly come into perfection.” ~ Adyashanti.

It’s easy to find perfection in the middle of a perfect moment, but is it possible to find it in the middle of uncomfortable physical symptoms, relationship struggles, financial issues, loss, lack of clarity, or any of the many potential stressors that invariably come our way? Not only is it possible but necessary, in order to heal areas of our lives that are longing for balance and to continue to align with our true nature. We’re all here to experience the joy and profound ease of living as a physical expression of our authentic nature.

A steady meditation practice is the best way that I know of to bring us back to the place within us that is always perfect, whole and complete regardless of outside circumstances. When we spend time in stillness we also have access to the soul sourced intuition that will guide us to mental clarity, emotional freedom and physical healing.

From what I can tell, the reason that meditation is so effective at bringing peace to my life is that most of the circumstances that I perceive of as stressful are being interpreted by the conditioned mind which has a fixed view of how life should be.  When life doesn’t match up to this fixed view, tension, discomfort and tightness follow. When I remind myself that this fixed view of life has been created as a result of programming, painful experiences, and false beliefs, I naturally tap into a hunger for knowing what’s actually true beyond this programming.

When you’re wanting to gain a fresh perspective on stress it could be helpful to consider these possibilities.

  • What if tension and discomfort were actually one of the ways that our soul communicates to us through the body?
  • What if stress was an invitation to question the beliefs associated with the current challenge?
  • What if challenging emotions were actually old energies that no longer served us, brought to the surface of our awareness, and in the process of releasing for our greatest good?
  • What if uncomfortable physical symptoms were also a way for the body to guide us towards greater care of the sacred vessel that is housing our soul’s experience?

The key to accessing acceptance of this moment in order to reap the intuitive guidance that is contained within it, is being able to access stillness in the midst of all of the details that are making up this moment … the sounds, sensations, thoughts, stories, emotions, circumstances. This allows us to view our situation from the wisest and most loving place available to us, giving us a truer and clearer perspective. Sitting in stillness on a regular basis brings greater serenity to our days, creative and uplifting solutions to our ‘problems’, and meaningful use of our energy.

As simple as meditation sounds, all you have to do is to close your eyes for a few moments and try to be still to discover that it’s not easy. It’s very helpful to have guidance from an experienced teacher, to attend group meditation gatherings and retreats. These are all services that I provide, in addition to the guided meditation CDs The Source of All Healing is Within   and  The Only Way Out Is In. I also offer one-on-one meditation guidance and spiritual counselling.

Next week, my son Jeremie is going to help me to start posting meditations on my web-site to help you in your home practice. I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Love to all of you,


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