Today I simply want to remind you to see every relationship that makes up your life as a reflection of your own true nature. The beauty that you see in others, the things you admire, the things that trigger you, that repulse you, are all aspects of your own often unacknowledged conditioned self AND true nature. The more that we allow the feelings and energies that are brought to the surface as a result of others the more we can deepen beyond our conditioning into who and what we really are.

For example, if you admire a friend’s discipline and really allow this particular aspect of her into your being you will naturally begin to develop this aspect of yourself. If you are triggered by your child’s lack of self-confidence and allow this aspect of him into your being you will begin to heal this aspect of yourself. And consequently help your child to heal.

What do I mean by ‘allow this aspect into your being’. I usually do this work in the stillness of my meditation practice. Here are the steps that you can take.


  1. Sit in a quiet place and start by connecting to your body from the feet up. Notice the sensations in your body and simply allow them to be as they are. There is nothing to fix or change. You are simply giving your open attention.
  2. Notice your breath, and allow it to be as it is. Do this for about 5 minutes, or until you start to feel relaxed.
  3. When you find yourself thinking, simply go back to your body and your breath. completely letting go of control, resting as awareness.
  4. Then call to mind the person that is triggering you and allow the usual feelings of tension and resistance to come to the surface.
  5. Let go of the story and dive as deeply into the feeling as possible… noticing the sensations with curiosity, openness, and kindness.
  6. You will notice that the sensations begin to change, often softening, sometimes intensifying, sometimes disappearing altogether.
  7. Over time, you may find yourself being able to relax more deeply, accessing a level of deeper understanding and peace. You may discover a greater ability to respond to situations with this person with clarity and love.

Remember that what you are feeling are old energy patterns in yourself that are being activated by this particular person, but have nothing to do with this person, and everything to do with you and your unfolding. This is your primary responsibility in this lifetime. There is a pattern in you that is rising to the surface to be felt and seen and set free so that aspects of your soul can be revealed and integrated into the life that you want to create. This process and willingness to be present rather than the usual turning away from emotion, sets the energy tied up in protecting ourselves free. This new energy can then be used to empower our authentic discovery.

I hope you find this helpful.

Blessings of peace and health,


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