I have complete faith that you have the capacity to grow and thrive

as your authentic self,

and to give to the world in ways that are unique and powerful.

Soul Coaching for:

  • physical and emotional healing
  • alignment with your authentic path
  • navigating through life challenges
  • healing relationships
  • guidance on the spiritual journey

These are the primary tools that I use in soul coaching sessions:

  • energy work
  • spiritual teaching
  • emotional healing
  • intuitively guided meditation
  • relationship counseling
  • nutritional and lifestyle guidance
  • restorative yoga and intuitive movement

The soul is that aspect of our spiritual nature that is individuated
with gifts, talents and abilities that are specific to our unique purpose.
Just as all pots are made of clay (spirit),
each one has a different shape, function and characteristics (soul).
God / Great Mystery / Brahman / Ultimate Reality is the potter.


Here are some possible formats:

  • one-on-one (one time or ongoing)
  • 2 or more  people (for example couples, parent and child, and families)
  • 4-hour Body and Soul Spa days
  • ceremonies for special events

Options for private sessions:

  • at my home in Richmond Hill
  • by phone or Skype (energy work can easily be done from a distance).
  • or, we can arrange to meet at a local park/conservation area for a ‘walk and talk’ session

To book a session contact  info@carolinedupont.com:

  • I am available for appointments at varying mutually convenient times. This includes daytime (preferred) and some weekends or evenings. Please e-mail for available appointment times.
  • Payment for private sessions is by donation (suggested: $75 – $120).
  • Please note that my services may be covered by your insurance coverage (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) & receipts are available.
  • For phone or skype sessions please make your payment below at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Cancellation policies

See About for more details about my background and offerings.