Vibrant Soul, Vital Body

with Caroline Dupont & Genya Klaiman


 Friday April 5 @ 4 pm to Sunday April 7 @ 3 pm, 2019

@ Lotus Heart Retreat Centre, Brighton, ON

In this 2-night retreat  we will dedicate ourselves to exploring and strengthening the relationship between the body and soul.

Yes, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, but this is not to diminish the sacredness the body. Care for our physical form is instrumental in our capacity to access the counsel of our deepest self. Simultaneously, the soul guides us to implementing practices that best nurture the body temple so that our experience here on earth is as delightful as it can be.

“The Soul Speaks through Silence”

This retreat, co-led by 2 seasoned mind-body practitioners, will be held primarily in Silence. The format enables us to take a deep dive into clearing the pathways between the body and soul, and experiencing practices that can be incorporated into our everyday life. With clarity and tenderness, we’ll welcome any current obstructions to the most harmonious body-soul relationship. 

Days will be made up of guided and silent meditation, gentle movement (yoga, restorative yoga, Qigong, and dance) sacred song and chant, Circles for questions and sharing, walks in Nature, rest and free time. Our chef will be following Everyday Deep Healing and Medical Medium guidelines

Retreats are where most students experience breakthroughs in their practice.  

  • Take time away from your usual demands, and rest in stillness;
  • Let go more easily into the flow of life, and deepen into trust;
  • See your patterns with increased clarity and compassion, and use them as a stepping off point for evolution;
  • Gain new perspective on challenges, both personal and global, and relax into peace;
  • Re-vitalize your body, and set the foundation for lifelong health;
  • Deepen and align with your true nature, and create a life of meaning and love.

All levels of experience are most welcome.

Please note that in order to create a container for deepening, many activities will be done in complete silence. You will be asked to turn off all cellular devices for the duration of the retreat. In case of emergencies, families will be able to reach you through the retreat managers phone. Also, please do not sign up for these retreats if you cannot arrive for the beginning and stay for the full period.

Retreat Schedule

Location: Lotus Heart Centre, Brighton, ON

  • Single: $576 + HST
  • Double: $531 + HST
  • Triple: $495 + HST

Save $36 by registering before Feb 15th