Dear friends,

The following are recordings of talks and guided meditations from various events. May they help you to touch into the peace and well-being of your true nature.

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Journey Through the Chakras 

Welcome; breath, body, subtle sensations; 7 energy centers; noticing sensations; getting to know the territory of each chakra; noticing and witnessing stories, memories, colors, emotions; noticing shifts; resting as awareness.

– 18 minute meditation from the ClearBeing Meditation System

Experiencing the Law of Attraction in Relationship

Welcome, centering, noticing what a challenging relationship evokes in the inner experience: breath, body, stories, feelings, energies. Prioritizing the relationship with self. Connecting to the peace of Presence within any relationship, and to the wisdom, love and guidance of the soul, to right actions and right words. Relationships are here to wake us up. Harmony with self = harmony with others.

– 15 minute meditation from the ClearBeing Meditation System

Making lasting lifestyle choices by living very close to your soul

In order to align with the best choices for the body it’s important to have deep and personally meaningful reasons; symptoms are a sign from our soul that it wants to be more clearly connected with; when we clean up our diet soul growth will happen whether or not we intend it; high vibration foods dislodge energies that no longer serve us; a deeper connection to our true values; physical and emotional housecleaning on the Nutritional Rebirth; why we find ourselves going back to old eating habits; emotional and soul care to ensure that we continue to evolve and move forward; the soul comes in programmed with all the information it needs to care for the body; suggestions for taking care of your soul.

~ 13 minute talk from the Nutritional Rebirth Intro talk (Fall 2018), recorded October 14th

Healing the Body

Welcome; settling; expanding awareness to include the breath, the body, feelings, emotions and subtle sensations; noticing rest and presence; calling to mind a symptom that you’d like to heal; being available to what arises – stories, memories, feelings, sensations, guidance, insights; allowing your being to communicate with you; embracing the whole emotional gamut;

~ 20 minute guided meditation from the ClearBeing Meditation System (

The solution lies in the problem

What do you struggle with around food; the ‘solution’ lies in the ‘problem’; taking time and space; the complex of a challenge, and how to unpack it; moving beyond the mind’s solution finding; accessing your inner guidance system; updating into a more evolved version or yourself; how new perspectives drop in; the soul doesn’t have any concept of perfection.

~ 13 minute talk from the Food and Soul Deep Healing Circles (Spring 2018), recorded May 15th

How the Soul Wakes Us Up

~ 10 minute talk, recorded January 30th, Winter 2018 Deep Healing Circles

Body-Centered Guided Meditation

Expanding awareness from breath to body to feelings, emotions and energy; global awareness; letting go of evaluating; getting comfortable with emptiness; connecting to well-being beyond any symptoms; tending to what needs tending; accessing kindness.

~ 19 minutes, guided meditation, recorded October 25th, Fall 2017 Nutritional Rebirth

Healing is Relaxing into Yourself

A lying down guided meditation and talk. Lie comfortably on your back, possibly with a pillow under your head or knees and a blanket over you. Letting go into the ground; relaxing and physical healing; relaxing and subtle body flow; ever-present radiance revealed by softening; meeting tension with openness and curiosity; body and ground merging; the breath and body thrive on awareness; creating safety in the body; experiencing yourself as energy; tapping into inner guidance.

~ 55 minutes, guided meditation, recorded October 26th, Fall 2016 Nutritional Rebirth

Getting to Know Fear and Healing

~ 28 minutes, talk and guided meditation, recorded October 29th, Spring 2016 Cleanse and Nourish

Chakra Nourish and Cleanse

This talk is valuable for those of us who are taking steps to improve our diet and lifestyle. It highlights the benefits of cleansing and nourishing for both the physical and energy bodies. It also helps us to access a grounded foundation for the physical and energetic detoxification that invariably and necessarily occurs. As we journey through the main energy processing centres (chakras) we are guided to find that place in us that is receptive to all that arises, as well intuitive insights that help to guide us along our ever evolving journey back to self.

~ 30 minutes, talk and guided meditation, recorded October 29th, Fall 2015 Cleanse and Nourish

Is It True That What You’re Seeking is Not Already Here?

13 minutes, recorded March 3rd, 2015, Small Group Deep Healing Circle

A 3-step approach to meditation

The need for meditation practice to be fluid; Be Still; Do Nothing; Notice What’s Noticing; silence.

– 41 minutes, recorded January 22nd, 2015, Small Group Deep Healing Circle

A Meditation on Resistance

The power of group meditation; centering; journey through the landscapes of the human experience – body, mind, emotions, subtle energy, awareness, group container; exploring and freeing resistance; silent period (12 minutes); further exploration of the root of resistance.

~ 63 minutes, recorded May 4, 2014, ClearBeing Community Meditation


All is well; lip service versus true understanding; “perfection is another name for reality” (Byron Katie); unsatisfactoriness and imperfection; clinging and aversion; catching ourselves wanting things to be different than they are; bringing awareness to the stories, beliefs, emotions, and energies; softening and spaciousness allows the light in to access love, compassion, creativity, insight, wisdom; recognizing imperfection as a doorway into evolution; is spirituality a happiness path; ‘falling into grace”(Adyashanti).

 ~ 32 minutes, recorded April 23rd, 2014, Small Group Deep Healing Circle


Allowing everything to be as it is; letting go of control; an ocean metaphor; unhooking from the details of life and effortlessly sinking into silence and stillness; how thought and emotion are allies on the path to silence; the silence/activity mixture; questions to contemplate.

~ 7 minutes, recorded April 9th, 2014, Small Group Deep Healing Circle

Intuitive Eating

What is intuition; how to connect to intuition; anchoring in the body; letting go of what you think you know; moving beyond reliance on external information; what it means to be still; how intuition speaks to you; intuitive eating; letting go of good and bad foods; asking your body what it wants; listening around meal time; refining choices; paying attention to inner guidance.

~ 24 minutes, recorded March 23rd, 2014, Community Juice Fast

Awareness as a Healer

Simple guidance for distributing your energy throughout your body; the importance of the feet to our energy, our health and our evolution; how to listen to guidance from your body; softening tension through awareness and breath; why softening is important to both taking in nutrition, and letting go of toxins; targeting a condition or symptom that you are wanting to heal; why emotions are activated during cleanses;the gifts of freeing emotions; using awareness of the body to become present; a simple meditation for bringing in spirit; using the light of spirit to heal the physical body; I guide a participant through a physical symptom that he is experiencing.

~ 68 minutes, recorded March 19th, 2014, Community Juice Fast

A Meditation on Love

Centering; a call to love; guided meditation on love; silence (25 minutes); working with the pebble practice in your daily life; how love appears in life; shadow and light; sleepiness in meditation practice; comfort in meditation practice.

~ 85 minutes, recorded January 15th, 2014, Community Meditation