Clarity & Tenderness

Clarity and tenderness are two qualities that are crucial for those of us who are drawn to connecting to and living from soul. Soul has been with you from the beginning of your time here, fully formed and ready to guide you to a life that is aligned with purpose and...

Spaghetti Squash ‘Bolognese’

I found this recipe among the many fantastic simple recipes in Anthony Williams' most recent book Thyroid Healing. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with thyroid issues there are so many gifts in the information that this book so beautifully lays out. If you have any...

Easy Creamy Golden Milk

This nourishing elixir is perfect for cold winter days. Coconut calms the nervous system and helps you to get a good night sleep. Ginger greatly aids in digestion and assimilation and can help with all kinds of symptoms like colds, flu, motion sickness, vertigo,...

Take a Break

As a soul coach I have the unique opportunity to regularly converse with my clients about their inner life, their struggles and hopes. Lately, many have told me that they feel like they didn’t really have a summer. Even people who have taken time off work and gotten...

The Only Relationship

When life seems complicated and overwhelming, and you’re bumping into challenges with the people in your life, it’s helpful to remember that the only relationship is the one with yourself. We think we have many relationships but in actuality the only thing we’re...

No need for hope

Recently I’ve been helping a client transition to a healing diet to reverse diabetes. She embarked on the journey with courage and resolve. In the first week we communicated via e-mail every day …. I invited her to e-mail me as needed with updates or questions. She...

Spring Dandelion Salad

I spotted this glorious dandelion in my back yard as I was working in the garden yesterday. I like to leave part of my property wild because it attracts plants, birds and insects that wouldn't otherwise find their way to my little piece of land, and let's my garden...


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On these pages I plan on sharing insights that arise regarding health and healing, balanced living, emotional freedom, authentic spirituality, plus lots of practical tips and recipes on how to live it.  May these writings help you to recognize what you already deeply sense, and continue to discover a life where joy flows and love abounds.

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